Children Homes and Boarding Schools Development

The working group established in compliance with this programme conducted monitoring with a view to studying the problems existing at the country’s children homes and boarding schools. This included number of children in these institutions, monthly and annual standards for dietary intake, clothing and technical supplies to be provided by the state, and indicators pertaining to the children’s general conditions like education, healthcare, accommodation, leisure, etc. Upon completion of the studies, the major areas of technical, educational and healthcare support to the children homes and boarding schools were identified.


More than 30 national childcare institutions were substantially renovated, re-equipped, additional subsidiary buildings constructed and utilities upgraded in the framework of the Children Homes and Boarding Schools Development Programme. The institutions got their own libraries with training aids and literary works. Most of the children homes and boarding schools got computers and classroom technical aids for interactive training. Series of training courses were held with the view to creating conditions for the students’ comprehensive development.


To further promote patriotic sentiments among the institutionalized children and better arrange their leisure time, series of mass events, festivities and contests,  talent shows, music and dance performances, drawing and carpet-weaving classes are regularly conducted by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. During the period of its operation, the Foundation provided all music hobby groups at the institutions supported by new musical instruments and other accessories.


A 50-unit dormitory for institutionalized girls above the age of 18 in Nizami administrative district of Baku was erected with the Foundation’s support in 2009, with all necessary utilities and amenities provided. To furthermore expand the views and outlook of institutionalized children, the Foundation has been fully supporting their participation in various international contests and tournaments, as well as promoting visits of children from similar institutions abroad to Azerbaijan.