May 27, 2013

“Da Vinci Code” tournament devoted to protection of the environment comes to an end

The “Da Vinci Code” tournament being held within the framework of the enlightening program of the project “Clean Qala” by “Clean City” OJSC, following the initiative and with support from the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, came to an end.

The “Da Vinci Code” logical and intellectual team games serves to improving youth knowledge about waste management and protection of the environment. During the game, teams try to find “keys” to pass to a next stage. The host of the game assigns a task to each team captain. Keys and any response to questions is hidden in a territory, where the game is held. After players find answers to logical questions, they gain a chance to pass to a next stage. At the end, a team, which has overcome the largest number of stages, becomes a winner.

The first stage of the game – the tournament held on the Facebook social network – has aroused much interest in youth. Youth has been active in answering questions placed on the Facebook page of “Clean City” OJSC, and 60 people with the largest score have passed to the second stage.

In the next stage, the main goal was to pass to the next stage by collecting “keys” hidden in different places of Qala Preserve. 12 teams comprised of 5 people have answered questions, having found the “keys” to logical questions. Thus, 6 teams that have first given correct answers to 10 questions, have won the right to participate in the final stage.

40 persons have participated in the third, final, stage in the territory of Icheri Sheher. In this stage, participants were asked more intricate questions. The team, which answered the questions first, became the winner.

Winners were presented certificates and prizes from “Clean City” OJSC.

The “Da Vinci Code” tournament was held in association with “Debates in the Civil Society” Public Union.