February 14, 2018

Meeting with UK Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy Baroness Emma Nicholson

First Vice-president of the Republic of Azerbaijan, President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva met UK Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy Baroness Emma Nicholson, February 14.


UK Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy Baroness Emma Nicholson presented a keepsake to First Vice-president Mehriban Aliyeva.


Welcoming Baroness Emma Nicholson to Azerbaijan, Mehriban Aliyeva expressed gratitude for the guest’s visit to our country. Noting that the UK Prime Minister’s trade envoy will participate in the 4th meeting of ministers in the framework of the South Gas Corridor’s Advisory Council in Baku on February 15, Mehriban Aliyeva said she hoped the meeting will be successful. Recalling her meeting with Baroness Emma Nicholson in November 2016, Mehriban Aliyeva highly appreciated her activities, saying they were worth of esteem. Mentioning that the cooperation between our countries are widening and becoming stronger, Mehriban Aliyeva underscored Baroness Emma Nicholson’s role in particular. Years-long business relations between Azerbaijan and the Great Britain covering a number of areas were mentioned, emphasizing the cooperation in the energy sector, and successful activities of a series of companies of the UK, including BP, were underscored. Emphasizing the importance of the 42 billion Dollar-worth South Gas Corridor Project, Mehriban Aliyeva said this project has been implemented successfully, and that BP has been one of the main contractors to this project. It was brought to attention that by implementing this project, first gas is expected to be delivered to Turkey in July this year, and to Europe in 2020.


Possibility of extensive cooperation in other fields between two countries was underscored, highlighting that there was great potential in the fields of transportation, high technologies, healthcare and agriculture. Talking about the charitable activity of Baroness Emma Nicholson, Mehriban Aliyeva said there has been very successful cooperation between AMAR International Charity Foundation and the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. A chess tournament was held in 2017 for people suffering from the Iraq conflict in refugee camps, following Baroness Emma Nicholson’s initiative. Azerbaijani chess players Azer Mirzayev and Farid Abbasov held matches, participating in the tournament. Thanking Baroness Emma Nicholson for the support provided to this project, Mehriban Aliyeva said Azerbaijan was ready to participate in such projects in future too.


Baroness Emma Nicholson expressed delight in visiting Azerbaijan. The guest, mentioning that this was their second meeting with Mehriban Aliyeva, highly appreciated the discussions they had held, saying that successful works have been performed as a result of the discussions in areas being of great importance to both of the parties. The guest said she wished these activities were continued.