February 14, 2019

Azerbaijan’s First Vice-president, President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva visits Secondary School No.18 in Ganja

First Vice-president of the Republic of Azerbaijan, President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva and Vice-president of the Foundation Leyla Aliyeva visited Secondary School No.18 named after Nizami Aydin in Ganja city, February 14.


According to the information given, last repair works were carried out here in 1988, and, at the moment, there is a need for basic renovation of this education institution. Having been in operation since 1965, the school provides teaching in Azerbaijani and Russian languages. Of 39 classes, 28 are teaching in Azerbaijani, and 11 in Russian. 795 pupils are taught currently in the school building, designed for 640. A pedagogical staff comprised of 56 people have been engaged in the education of the pupils. 61 school-leavers finished the school in the school-year 2017-2018, of which 20 were admitted to higher schools of Azerbaijan. Four of them scored over 600 points, with other five getting 500.


Becoming familiarized with classrooms of the school, Mehriban Aliyeva was told that after the basic repair works, quality of education in the school would be improved, and the school would switch to a one-shift working regime.


Talking with schoolchildren, Mehriban Aliyeva said:


- I wish you successes. Next time we’re going to meet in the new school. Best conditions will be created for you here. What is more important is that you study well, and become knowledgeable, strong and patriotic citizens. You are going to have all necessary facilities. I wish you successes and sound health, thank you.


A pupil: We are very glad to see you.


Mehriban Aliyeva: Thank you, my dear baby. I am very glad to see you too. I’m happy to see such good children.


A pupil: I wish our lands under dishonourable Armenians’ feet to be liberated soon and such beautiful schools constructed in these districts.


Mehriban Aliyeva: Well done, Insha’Allah.


Mehriban Aliyeva set tasks with regard to examining the existing condition of the school and reconstructing it urgently.