A scientific conference entitled "First secular parliamentary republic of the Orient: values and heritage" at the French International Diplomatic Academy

May 25, 2018

A scientific conference entitled “First secular parliamentary republic of the Orient: values and heritage” dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic took place at the French International Diplomatic Academy, with joint organizational support from the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and Azerbaijan’s Embassy in France.


Moderator of the conference, Vice-president of the France-Azerbaijan Dialogue Association Laurent Poultier, talking about the significance of the event, invited adviser to the director of the Heydar Aliyev Centre Rashad Kerimov to take the floor.


Rashad Kerimov, naming the contemporary Azerbaijan the heir of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, emphasized that our independence has been defended and strengthened further thanks to successful policy of national leader Heydar Aliyev. Giving comparative analysis of the contemporary Republic of Azerbaijan and the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan, he brought to attention that each time gaining independence was very hard. Rashad Kerimov gave information about the Armenia’s policy of occupation against Azerbaijan, and our people’s undergoing genocide acts by Armenians.


Doctor of history, head of department at ANAS’s History Institute Natig Mammadzadeh talked about the activities of ADR’s delegation at the Paris Peace Conference.


Researcher at the Paris Social Sciences Leading Researchers School, historian George Mamulia talked about the documents and information contained in French archives related to the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, which existed 23 month only, the activities of the delegation coming to the Paris Peace Conference, and their endeavours towards recognition of the Republic.


Department head of the History Institute of ANAS, doctor of history Ilgar Niftaliyev talked about territorial issues between the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic and Armenia. He said while Azerbaijan was acting from the historical and ethnic principle in the issue of border, Armenia stuck to the principle “lands where Armenians live are Armenian lands”.


Azerbaijan’s ambassador to France Rahman Mustafayev touched upon the reasons why the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic ceased to exist. He said geopolitical interests of the Soviet Bolsheviks, lack of the allies’ (England, France and Italy) support of the young democratic republic were basic reasons, talking about the materials in the Russian archives about the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. The ambassador also talked about Armenia’s support of Armenian separatists in Garabagh, Zangazur and Nakhchivan.


Member of the French Senate Alain Uper talked about the reforms carried out by the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, in particular, granting women the right to vote. He talked also about Ahmadiyya Jabrailov, an Azerbaijani who had participated in the French Resistance Movement.


The MP noted that the religious harmony and gender equality existing in Azerbaijan, which has become stronger as a result of the policy pursued formerly by national leader Heydar Aliyev and now President Ilham Aliyev specially draws his attention. He mentioned that with the majority of the population being Muslims, Azerbaijan is a place where representatives of different religions live in peace. This is one of the significant achievements of the state of Azerbaijan.


Department head of ANAS’s History Institute Nargiz Akhundova and researcher Edit Liber talked about culture, creativity and publications in the time of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic.


Former director of “MEDEF International” organization’s European and Asian section Bogdan-Gaden-Firchak gave information about Azerbaijan’s economic advancement, underscoring that Azerbaijan is the leading state in the South Caucasus.


Writer Jean Pierre Allali talked about multicultural traditions dominating in Azerbaijan.


A documentary about the history of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was shown at the Conference.


After the event, the participants became familiarized with the exhibition comprised of photo and video materials dedicated to the history of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. The exhibition reflecting the first republic’s founders and the Declaration of Independence aroused interest in the visitors.