June 4, 2022

A new carpet collection entitled “Azerbaijani carpet - dance of loops” is presented

Another project, aiming at preserving, developing and promotion of our national and spiritual values, our cultural heritage, was implemented with the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation.


Made within the framework of a project launched in 2016, the new carpet collection called “Azerbaijani carpet-dance of loops” and a book of the same title was presented at the Heydar Aliyev Centre, June 3rd.


Detailed information about the carpets included in the collection “Azerbaijani carpet-dance of loops” is given in the book of the same title. The history of carpet-making art in Azerbaijan, measures taken by the government towards eternalizing this ancient art, and the process of creating new artworks are presented to readers in the publication.


Director of the Heydar Aliyev Centre Anar Alakbarov noted that for centuries, the art of carpet-making has been an integral part of the people’s household and culture in Azerbaijan, reaching these days. A number of significant documents were adopted and various projects implemented towards advancing the art of carpet-making in Azerbaijan thanks to the tasks set and care shown by President Ilham Aliyev and First Vice-president of Azerbaijan, President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva.


He mentioned that “The presentation of the new collection of carpets entitled “Azerbaijani carpet-dance of loops” and a book of the same title is the result of an 8 year-work, and that the collection is being shown at the Heydar Aliyev Centre for the first time: “Part of this collection we first presented in Paris, at the headquarters of UNESCO, then in the city of Cannes. It is a big collection”.


Anar Alakbarov thanked all who have participated in the making of the collection, asking then women-weavers onto the scene. He said the result of their 8-year work was obvious.


Anar Alakbarov thanked Mehriban Aliyeva who never denied her care to doing all these works. He also underscored the work by People’s Artist Eldar Mikayilzadeh in the realization of the project.


People’s Artist Eldar Mikayilzadeh noted that People’s Artist Latif Kerimov, who had profound knowledge of our decorative and applied art, in particular, artistic features and technology of our carpets, has favoured the Azerbaijani carpet a second life, doing a lot of work to promote them around the world: “Latif Kerimov has determined major artistic directions of the art of carpet-making, as well as their stylistic features. He has given a precise classification of Azerbaijani carpets, which has been reflected in his three-volume fundamental book “Azerbaijani carpet”.


It was noted that carpet types such as “Creation”, “Shikargah”, “Hunting khan”, “A Young and peace”, “Bandi-rumi”, “Shebekeli”, “Adam and Eve, “Aghajly”, “Narly“, “Gyollu”, “Lechek-turunj”, “Four seasons”, “Arched”, “Jamadet”, and carpet-gebe sets “Birds of paradise” and “the Garden of Eden” would arouse great interest in visitors as unique art examples in the collection, breathing new life into the old art.  Each of the carpets convey their message to visitors by their patterns and motifs. And in the work “Creation”, all phases - from the preparation of raw material to the completion of a ready product - are reflected in a bright artistic language.


A bench in the lower section of the carpet, and threads of different colours on it, glasses with leftover of tea, a sugar bowl, rue, Nowruz attributes and other items look very natural by their presentation. Picture of a broom “hidden” under the bench, a few pairs of shoes, finally, a cat dozing in the silence embodies the comfort after a heavy work. 20 types of silk threads were used in the making of the carpet, which delights eyes by its colourfulness.


6 artists and 14 weavers, led by People’s Artist of Azerbaijan Eldar Mikayilzadeh, participated in the creation of the collection. Dyed by natural colours, the carpets were made of silk and wool. 170 colours and tinges were used here. In order to obtain various new tinges, weavers, disentangling hair-like thin silk threads, have created a thread comprised of several colours. Magnificent Sheki Khan’s Palace, the home of Shekikhanovs, lattices, natural ornaments, our rich flora and fauna, “Tekelduz” embroidery and delicate jewellery products have been an inexhaustible source of inspiration in the making of carpets, being eternally reflected in each loop of the carpets.


People’s Artist Eldar Mikayilzadeh is an innovator who has created artworks in a unique style in the framework of the carpet traditions’ canons. Renowned carpet-maker-artist Latif Kerimov and eminent master of brush Sattar Bahlulzadeh – teachers of the artist – have had great influence on the formation of his artistic principles and creative style, who has been paying a special attention to the philosophic style in the Azerbaijani art of carpet-making. His masterly knowing of an ornamental form, perfect sense of harmony in creation of compositions, true gamut, which is considered the most difficult one for the carpet-making art, as well as the textile technique he has improved allow the author to create true art examples.