April 8, 2005

The Heydar Aliyev Foundation developed a music album entitled ‘Singers of Garabagh’

One of the steps Heydar Aliyev Foundation took towards the development and safeguarding of the art of Azerbaijani mugham was the exquisite production of music album ‘Singers of Garabagh’ in frame of the Azerbaijani Mughams Project and its presentation ceremony in the Gulustan Palace.

The album comprises book ‘Singers of Garabagh’ published in Azeri, English, Russian and French and 12 CDs containing mughams performed by 24 singers.

Article ‘Garabagh Mugham School’ in the first page of the book includes views of Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva, President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO and ISESCO, MP, about the mugham school of Garabagh. According to the article, Azeri mugham has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.  

Talking of history of mugham in Azerbaijan the author writes though mugham has widely been spread all over the country, main mugham creativity centers that have created their independent schools are Baku, Shamakhy, Ganca, Nakhchyvan and Shusha. Concerning the mugham school of Garabagh the author states representatives of this school have developed the music culture of Azerbaijani people and have nobly influenced the mental and emotional world of their countrymen.    


Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva emphasizes the project will give a great contribution to protection and enriching of the music traditions.

Part ‘Singers of Garabagh’ of the book provides comprehensive information on Garabagh singers and their photographs.

The album includes 24 incomparable mugham stars of Azerbaijan and the whole of the East - Jabbar Garyagdioglu, Kechechi oglu Mahammad, Meshadi Mahammad Farzaliyev, Mejid Behbudov, Seyid Shushinsky, Khan Shushinsky, Islam Abdullayev, Bulbul, Zulfu Adigozalov, Abulfat Aliyev, and contemporary mugham stars, which instill vivid images of our nation's ancient and rich culture in listeners.

It is particularly significant that the Foundation's project was devoted exclusively to the Garabagh singers. This also conveys the pain of Garabagh and the fair position of Azerbaijan, and suggests to every Azeri that the Garabagh lands, which produced such exceptional artists and such wonderful music, may not remain under occupation and in the hands of the enemy.

Presented at the annual meeting of UNESCO Goodwill Ambassadors at the UNESCO Headquarters in March of 2005 music album ‘Singers of Garabagh’ incited serious interest.

The Heydar Aliyev Foundation believes that the preservation and development of mugham, as well as the transfer of its beauty and profound philosophy to future generations is its spiritual duty.