July 2, 2007

First edition of the “Mugham” magazine and works by Safiyyaddin Urmavi and Fatullah Shirvani within the “Mugham -Anthology” project have been published

First edition of the “Mugham” magazine founded by the Friends of the Azerbaijani Culture  Foundation and the works “Letter of Sharafiyye” and “Kitabul-advar” by Safiyaddin Urmavi (1217-1294) and  “Code of Mugham” by Fatullah Shrivani (1417-1486) within the “Mugham Anthology” project have been published.

President of the Friends of the Azerbaijani Culture Foundation (FACF) Mehriban Aliyeva is the chief editor of the “Mugham” magazine. In the foreword to the first edition of the magazine compiled at the “Centre of Mugham” under FACF and printed in Azerbaijani, English and Russian at the “East-West” printing house, Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva has provided information about the editions’ concept.

Photos reflecting various events held by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and the Fiends of the Azerbaijani Culture Foundation in connection with mugham, the ceremony of  laying foundation of the International Mugham Centre by UNESCO, and meetings of our national leader Heydar Aliyev with outstanding musicians have been included in the magazine. In the magazine, readers can familiarize themselves with the article by Jamila Hasanova about symphonic mughams written by eminent composer Fikret Amirov, interviews by chairman of the Board of the Azerbaijani Composers Union, people’s artist, professor Firangiz Alizadeh and art leader of the ancient people’s musical instruments ensemble Majnun Karimov and articles about people’s artist Alim Gasymov and one of the outstanding violin masters of our time Yo-Yo-Ma.

Moreover, in the section “Pages of the History” of the magazine, where a separate article about the substance and structure of classical mughams is given, a summary of events related to various years and associated with mugham is provided. The article “Music talking of ancient periods” talks about the Eastern vocal school. The magazine contains articles about our national music instruments tar and gaval, and pieces from Bakhtiyar Vahabzadeh’s “Mugham” poem.

On final pages of the magazine, where summaries about the books “Letter of Sharafiyye” and “Kitabul-advar” by Safiyaddin Urmavi and  “Code of Music” by Fatullah  Shirvani are given, answers by people of various profession to the enquiry “What do we now about mugham and does it have a future?” have been published.