Museum featuring photographs and other exhibits talking about honorable life of Heydar Aliyev, a genius son of Azerbaijan, architect of today’s independent state, is the most interesting place to every visitor of the Foundation named after this phenomenon personality. 

The first exhibit at the Museum – a photo of famous “Ilandagh” in Nakhchyvan, taken from the national leader’s office, confirms his love for the motherland, divine devotion to the land of Azerbaijan. The slab mountain rising towards the sky is in the harmony with the great personality’s enormous pride.  

The genius leader’s picture with his mother Izzat Aliyeva, photo of his father Alirza Aliyev, photographs of his childhood, documents related to his finishing the school with only “excellent” marks, graduation from the Nakhchyvan Pedagogic School with honor certificate and from the Azerbaijan State University’s History Faculty with “excellent” marks are of huge interest as a souvenir of the past.

Pictures narrating about his heading the State Security Committee of the republic and the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan, his meetings with workers in different regions of the country create a live image of the hardworking leader. Photographs taken in the meetings with eminent figures of culture and art of Azerbaijan, former USSR and world demonstrate the multilateral actions of the genius personality. In these photos we see outstanding persons such as Mirza Ibrahimov, Rasul Rza, Gara Garayev, Rashid Behbudov, Niyazi, Mstislav Rostropovich, Ihsan Doğramacı, Julio Iglesias, Muslum Magomayev, Tamara Sinyavskaya, Lutfiyar Imanov, Imran Gasymov.

As member of Political Bureau of Soviet Union Communist Party Central Committee and First Deputy Chairman of the Soviet of Ministers of USSR in Moscow, Heydar Aliyev led a number of vital spheres of the great soviet state and was known as an influential statesman in the union and in the world. He directly headed the construction of Baykal-Amur Mainline. As the exhibits show, the first honor passenger of the first passenger train in BAM was Heydar Aliyev.

Pictures displaying the national leader’s activity as Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Autonomous Republic of Nakhchyvan reflect the hard work to solve problems of the land in blockade and face to face with enemy.

The photographs also exhibit the return of the great leader to the political power of Azerbaijan in Baku upon the insisting request of the nation. The people welcomes the genius leader with huge happiness, the mission of salvation begins.

Photos taken in the official meetings with heads of the world’s biggest states indicate the different moments of the regular and purposeful policy the genius son of the Turkic world pursued to assure the place of Azerbaijan in the international community and deliver the realities of the country to the globe.

The Museum features appliances and objects brought from the national leader’s office at his home: map of Azerbaijan and world, table, chair, table lamp, calendar, pen-case, flower vase…, pictures taken with faithful spouse, outstanding scientist in ophthalmology, academician Zarifa Aliyeva, dear grandson Heydar, beloved friend of long years Suleiman Demirel.  

Guest Book signed by heads of state and government, well-known persons visiting the Foundation, gifts presented to the great leader, models of huge boring plants “Lider” and “Gurtulush” built within the implementation of his oil strategy arouse big interest.

History will make a real assessment of the unprecedented works Heydar Aliyev did for Azerbaijan’s all-round development, protection and strengthening of its independence, progress of the people. However, certain works have already been done in this direction, lots of books written. Some of them are exhibited in the Museum along with their translation into different languages. 

In a word, though the photographs and exhibits at the Museum reflect only some details of life of genius son of Azerbaijan, world-known political figure Heydar Aliyev, which is a model to the present and future generations, they provide a comprehensive idea on the scale of the personality of the Great Azerbaijani. The exhibits in the Museum will be enriched and every visitor will be able to more deeply cognize the Heydar Aliyev phenomenon.