June 20, 2013

The exhibition “From Waste to Art” held with support from the Heydar Aliyev Foundation ends

The second international exhibition “From Waste to Art” held at “Qala” State History and Ethnography Preserve following the initiative of and with support from the Heydar Aliyev Foundation  and joint organizational support from “Clean City” OJSC, “Maiden Tower” Gallery and “Icherisheher” SHCPD ended.

Works of 24 artists from a number of countries, including 6 from Azerbaijan, were displayed at the exhibition.

Unlike the first exhibition “From Waste to Art” held in June last  year in Gala settlement, the format of this year’s exhibition was not in the form of displaying ready samples of art. This time visitors could watch live the process of transforming waste to a piece of art. Participants of the exhibition worked on their artworks right at the exhibition site.

The primary objective of the exhibition was to divert people from squandering and make them think once more before throwing out old items they possess to waste bins. The participants have made interesting pieces of art using very basic and useless materials – metal, paper, plastic mass, rubber product and various domestic wastes.