May 5, 2014

The Heydar Aliyev Foundation and IDEA Public Association launch a joint program called “STOP Cutting Down Trees!”

Following the initiative of Leyla Aliyeva, the Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, the founder and head of IDEA (International Dialogue for Environmental Action) Public Association, the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and IDEA Public Association embarked on implementation of the program ”STOP Cutting Down Trees!” with a view to addressing environmental challenges and strengthening the public’s control of environment.


A hotline called “Emergency care for nature” and a mobile group will be established within the framework of the program, whereby residents of the capital will be enabled to deliver their complaints and recommendations regarding any cases of cutting down trees, through the hotline, to IDEA Public Association. The mobile group will carry out investigation into complaints received on the ground, and collect additional evidences, photos and video materials.  


Moreover, residents will be able to deliver their appeals with regard to cutting down of trees through the website of IDEA Public Association ( With a view to more broadly covering the problem, it will be possible to place photos taken in the territory where trees were cut down on the web-page. After the complaints and recommendations are investigated into by the IDEA employees on the ground, all evidences and materials will be referred to the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Azerbaijan. IIDEA will watch over the process of addressing the issues set forth in the appeals.