November 24, 2015

Wastes in Qala settlement are collected using different methods

Within the pilot project “Clean Qala”, being implemented by “Clean City” OJSC following the Heydar Aliyev Foundation’s initiative, collection of wastes in Qala settlement of Baku is carried out by different methods. Domestic wastes are collected and sorted with participation of population, and advanced technology is used in the collection and transportation of wastes.


Blue and green dumpsters have been placed in Qala streets, and people divide wastes into two categories - organic wastes (food wastes) are thrown into one dumpster, non-organic wastes (non-food) into another. The same dumpsters are collected by waste trucks with respective colour and transported separately to the waste sorting factory of “Clean City” OJSC in Balakhany. Waste sorting in this way ensures more efficient recycling of wastes.


Moreover, a supervisory service and planning centre have been created in the settlement within the framework of the project “Clean Qala”. A special software called Route Optimization by Tamiz Shahar marking locations of areas and containers on the map and the GPS Tracking System designed to track the itineraries of trucks in a real-time mode and see their history are used at the system.


Using the above-mentioned method, “Clean City” OJSC carries out planning of annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly transportation of wastes generated on areas in Qala. Both these software and information about possible instant changes are conveyed to tablets installed in waste trucks, and drivers act on this information. Also, drivers too may convey any problems they face during their work through the GPS- speaking sensors to the supervisor.


Using this system “Clean City” OJSC ensures comprehensive and interactive supervision of collection and transportation of wastes in Qala. Optimisation of the itinerary ensures correct distribution of working staff and efficient use of fuel.


With a view to improving professional supervision of waste transportation, a hot line has been commissioned into operation. Residents of the settlement may call 464-42-42 and seek solution of any problem they face in connection with waste handling.