February 27, 2008

Scientific and practical conference ‘Khojaly. 16 years later’ organized in Moscow

‘Khojaly tragedy can be considered one of the gravest crimes against the universe for its scale and brutality’. These words were said by Leila Aliyeva, Head of Representation of Heydar Aliyev Foundation in Russia, at the scientific and practical conference ‘Khojaly. 16 years later’ the Representation organized in Moscow on February 27.


L.Aliyeva said Khojaly tragedy was the most terrible page in Armenia-Azerbaijan, Daghlig Garabagh conflict. As result of this conflict 20 percent of Azerbaijan’s territory was occupied. She said: ‘Over the night from 25 to 26 February, 1992 Armenian aggressors occupied the Azeri city of Khojaly and cruelly killed 613 civilians of the city, including 106 women, 63 children and 70 elderly. Every Azerbaijani will always remember the Khojaly wounds’.


Head of Representation of Heydar Aliyev Foundation in Russia noted very hard and difficult years of Azerbaijan are behind and our country is daily developing and blossoming. It is the third year that Azerbaijan leads in the world for speed of economic growth, life standard of people is improved, wages and pensions lifted, unemployment and poverty drop.


Leila Aliyeva stressed the Azeri Government pays huge attention to problems of refugees and IDPs. She said in the end of her speech: ‘Despite there is about a million of refugees and IDPs in the country, there is no single tent camp and all refugees and IDPs have been provided with normal conditions’. She expressed confidence none of Azerbaijani people will reconcile with occupation of our lands. ‘It is already 15 years that talks are continued to solve Armenia-Azerbaijan, Daghlig Garabagh conflict. We are much hopeful that the world community will hear our voice and this problem will soon be solved fairly, because there is no place today in the world for occupation of lands of another, aggression and murders. I believe Azeris will have their native lands back in very near future’ L.Aliyeva mentioned. 


According to Chief of the Foreign Policy Planning and Strategic Studies Department of the Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan Tofig Musayev, massacre of Azerbaijanis in Khojaly City is assessed as genocide. According to him, all the facts relating to the tragic incidents happened in Khojaly show that the goal of the acts of the occupants was to commit genocide against the residents of the city as they were Azerbaijanis only. He mentioned actions taken by the state, also existing legal frames strengthen the inevitability of punishment of the criminals for the genocide committed against Azeris in Khojaly City. Fuad Akhundov, Head of the Political Studies and Analysis Sector of the Executive Office of the Azerbaijani President, underlined Armenian propaganda machine must be replied by the active information action. He said by involving the historians, politicians, youth and mass media such mass actions must be held. He emphasized the efforts of the state and active position of Heydar Aliyev Foundation in distribution of materials about Khojaly tragedy and Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict.


Students, post graduates and masters of Moscow State International Relations Institute, MSU, Sechenov Medical Academy and Moscow State Linguistics University gave lectures on historical-legal and political aspects and consequences of the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict. Participants attentively listened to lectures as ‘History of Garabagh conflict in late 80s and early 90s’ by Olga Kurash, ‘Khojaly genocide as international crime’ by Andrei Kurakin, ‘Political and legal aspects of the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict’ by Natig Aliyev, ‘History of Garabagh’ by Jeyhun Huseynov, ‘Examples of the journalist works about Garabagh in the 90s’ by Anara Akhundova and ‘Consequences of Khojaly genocide for Azeri women’ by Ashraf Hasanov.


Short documentary made upon initiative of Heydar Aliyev Foundation about Khojaly genocide was shown in the event, students of Moscow State Linguistics University Polina Sousnikova, Mariya Ryabova, Ilya Ostashko and Demir Izmailov said poems about Khojaly tragedy in Azeri language.


Azeri Ambassador to Russia Polad Bulbuloglu talked of the policy of the Azeri Government towards assurance of the awareness of the world public of realities of Khojaly tragedy and the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, called the youth to be more active and initiator. He said: ‘The political leadership of Azerbaijan, President Ilham Aliyev will take us to the victory and successes and publish the accused of the crimes’. 


Exposition dedicated to Khojaly tragedy was arranged in the lobby of Yunost Hotel where the event took place.