February 22, 2007

Events held in Istanbul in frame of `Khojaly Week` due to support of Heydar Aliyev Foundation

Azeri General Consulate to Istanbul arranges `Khojaly Week` in Istanbul and more 25 provinces on February 19-26 on the initiative of and upon materials sent by Heydar Aliyev Foundation.

According to consul general Sayyad Aran, several events were held on February 20 in Taksim, central square in Istanbul. Azeri diplomatic representation and Turkey Azeris Solidarity Circle installed there 3 big pictures reflecting Khojaly tragedy, transparencies displaying words `One nation, two states`, `Karabakh is land of Azerbaijan` hung. In addition, city residents and foreigners coming to Taksim Square were given map of Azerbaijan, booklet `Karabakh - bleeding wound of Turkish world` consisted of 70 photos, sheets containing information on Khojaly genocide, occupied districts of Azerbaijan and 4866 missing citizens of Azerbaijan.


On February 21 these materials will be displayed in Sultan Ahmad Square and Bakyrkoy District of Istanbul.


Consul general Sayyad Aran will attend the conference to be held in Izmit city in frame of `Khojaly Week` and meet with governor of this city.