February 28, 2007

A series of events was held in Hungary on the occasion of the Khojaly Genocide's 15th anniversary

Azerbaijan Embassy to Hungary held several events on the 15th anniversary of Khojaly genocide due to support of Heydar Aliyev Foundation. Those events caused big resonance in the domestic public. On February 26 memorial ceremony in memory of tragedy victims was held in culture center of one of central districts of Budapest. Director of the center Mayya Siladi emphasized no one can be indifferent to Khojaly events.

Ambassador Hasan Hasanov invited the participants of event to get familiarization with photo documents in the exhibition and see the film on Khojaly, said all these give visual idea on the atrocities committed by Armenian terrorists against unprotected people. Also book `Truth on Karabakh` developed in Hungarian language by Heydar Aliyev Foundation and Azeri Embassy to Hungary was presented.


Our diplomatic mission distributed also press release on one of the most tragic pages of our nation`s history, article of Imre Adoryan who has translated `Kitabi-Dede Gorgud` and `Koroglu` eposes into Hungarian language. This article by Adoryan on Khojaly incidents was published in one of local magazines. In his article Adoryan calls his countrymen to recognize crimes committed by Armenian aggressors as genocide against Azeri people.


In the memorial evening were present employees of Foreign Ministry of Hungary, ambassadors of all Islamic states, CIS countries, Finland, Angola, Venezuela, Vatican, Japan and other countries, members of our diaspora.


A day before a sitting of Hungary-Azerbaijan Society was held under chairmanship of Svetlana Abdullayeva at Nations and Friendship House. Attendees honored the innocent victims of Armenian aggression.


In addition, Azeri Embassy will hold memorial evening along with Budapest International Law Enforcement Academy. Employees of Azerbaijan customs and frontier services being trained here will be present in the evening.


Ambassador Hasanov noted it was initiative of leadership and employees of Heydar Aliyev Foundation to mark the 15th anniversary of Khojaly tragedy in such a high level. Due to rich material provided by Foundation world community, also Hungarians are familiarized more closely with the truth on the real face of Armenian aggressor.