November 19, 2015

Over 3 million 250 thousand people visit the Azerbaijani Pavilion at “Milan Expo-2015”

A press conference devoted to the results of Azerbaijan’s participation in Milan Expo-2015 International Exhibition took place at the Heydar Aliyev Center, November 19. 


Director of the Heydar Aliyev Center Anar Alakbarov talked about the works carried out towards implementing the project of Azerbaijani Pavilion at Milan Expo-2015 International Exhibition. It was informed that, held under the slogan “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, the Milan Expo-2015 Exhibition aroused great interest.


Only 54 of the 145 world countries participating in Milan Expo-2015, including Azerbaijan, set up their national pavilions. Foundation of our national pavilion, named “Azerbaijan: Treasure of Biodiversity”, which was arranged on four floors with total area of 2000 square metres, was laid in July 2014. A working team comprised of 300 people were engaged in the development of the Azerbaijani Pavilion at the international exhibition. 


Noting that works on the creation of the Azerbaijani national pavilion at Milan Expo-2015 were organized with support from the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and the Heydar Aliyev Center, Anar Alakbarov said: “Developed by both foreign and local specialists, the project ended up being a very beautiful venue in terms of architecture and design. The Azerbaijani national pavilion was one of the most successful projects for our country”. A.Alakbarov emphasized the support provided by President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva for the accomplishment of the project. He said thanks to the instructions given and tasks assigned by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, works on the pavilion were completed in a short time period. 


The director of the Center said at the exhibition, which was a very significant space to look for an answer to worldwide calls for feeding, our country was successfully represented by the pavilion “Azerbaijan: A Treasure of Biodiversity”. Noting that the Italian government called the Azerbaijani Pavilion “A Pearl of Milan”, A. Alakbarov said: “Construction of the Azerbaijani Pavilion took a few month to accomplish. It was the first pavilion that we reported to “Milan Expo -2015” in March about the completion of construction. And on May 1, we did inauguration of the pavilion”. 


A.Alakbarov underscored that the exhibition created vast possibilities to introduce the geographical and climatic diversity, culture, art, charming nature, delicious cuisine, ancient traditions, the past and the present of Azerbaijan with its beautiful nature and biological diversity in more details. He mentioned that the achievements reached by the national pavilion of Azerbaijan made Armenia to refuse to participate in Milan Expo-2015 . 


The director of the Center said, in general, over 23 million people visited the Milan Expo-2015 Exhibition. During this period, over 3 million 250 thousand people visited the Azerbaijani Pavilion. Anar Alakbarov said there was also IDEA’s Biodiversity Park on the territory of the pavilion. With total area of 400 square metres, the Park provided information about the environmental projects being implemented by IDEA, as well as actions aimed at protection of flora and fauna, and endangered animals. Information was given here on various environmental projects  being implemented. He mentioned that the first European Games were demonstrated on monitors installed in the Park. 


Noting that Azerbaijan’s national pavilion in Milan would be brought to Azerbaijan, director of the Center said: “We would like to install the pavilion in one of the most beautiful corners of Azerbaijan. Some states have already disassembled their pavilions. But we said we would return the pavilion to Azerbaijan. The issue of installing the pavilion in the Baku Boulevard is under consideration. We have applied to the Cabinet of Ministers and the Baku City Executive Authority asking to allocate a suitable place. For the time being we are taking measures on protecting the pavilion from rain and snow. These works will take about two weeks. Then we will take concrete steps”. Anar Alakbarov mentioned that while installing the pavilion in Baku, the currently existing content will be maintained, with certain new amendments”.


The director emphasized that the project served to worldwide promotion of Azerbaijan: “I think after our country’s achievement reached at the first European Games this year, this exhibition was another success of us in 2015”.


Architect of the pavilion Riccardo Cigolotti mentioned Azerbaijan’s charming natures and rich culture, and said these elements were paid special attention while developing the design. Noting that the Azerbaijani pavilion was the most beautiful one at the exhibition, R.Cigolotti said the public showed great interest towards this project. 


A video trailer associated with the Azerbaijani pavilion was also demonstrated at the press conference.


3 biospheres built in the pavilion personify Azerbaijan, where the environment and ancient culture has always been in harmony. Wooden walls surrounding the pavilion are the symbol of winds inherent in this country and cultural and creative current always circulating here. 


The first floor of the pavilion is called “The Symphony of Sounds”. Here are presented information associated with Azerbaijan. On the second floor there is the “Symphony of Colours”, where information about the climate and landscape is given. The third floor is called the “Symphony of Tastes”. On this floor, information is given about our national cuisine.


The fourth floor accommodates a restaurant.


While building the pavilion, 18 kilometres of welding work was done, and 15 tons of steel was used. Moreover, 680 glass panels were used in the construction. 150 days of shootings covering all the regions of Azerbaijan were done for the preparation of the pavilion’s content. 


During the Pavilion’s operation, there took place also various conferences and business forums on education, culture, science, economy and other fields. 


The national pavilion was awarded a prize as the most successful environmental project on the nomination “Design and materials” within the programme “Towards Sustainable Expo” of Italia’s Ministry of Environment and Marine Resources, and it was chosen the best pavilion on its category among national pavilions.