September 24, 2016

Azerbaijan is represented at the International Gastronomy Village in Paris, with the Heydar Aliyev Foundation’s support

The International Gastronomy Village is held on the shore of River Seine, Paris, with participation of 38 countries from 5 continents.


Azerbaijan is represented at the International Gastronomy Village in Paris, with the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. Samples from the Azerbaijani national cuisine’s dishes, various types of sweets once more promote our country’s culture in the Village.


Each country represented in the Gastronomy Village, creating an environment accompanied by music and national dances in a space adorned according to national traditions, presents samples of their national cuisine.


First deputy mayors of the city of Paris and the 7th arrondissement, as well as ambassadors of the participating countries attended the inauguration of the Village. Comprehensive information was given about the International Gastronomy Village, which is organized for the 6th time.


It was informed that the International Gastronomy Village opens vast possibilities for an exchange between countries in the cultural, economic and tourist spheres. Each country has a chance to prepare and present samples of their national cuisine – dishes, sweets, spices and various meals, and decently promote their rich cultural heritage.


Along with tasting dishes and drinks, at the event are also displayed table culture, samples of national art, garments and items of adornment, and music performed.


Well-known chefs from various countries will arrange master classes, and rules of preparing delicious dishes will be demonstrated in the Village, which will continue until September 25.