October 11, 2021

An Azerbaijani pavilion created by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation in China’s Ancient Residences Cultural Park is inaugurated

A pavilion called “A window to the Azerbaijani culture”, created by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, started to function in the Ancient Residences Cultural Park in Bengbu city of the People’s Republic of China.


The Azerbaijani pavilion is the first pavilion to function among the limited number of foreign national pavilions. Carpets and kilims representing various carpet schools of Azerbaijan, samples of copper art, decorative creativity and lattice-making art, items of decoration, national garments, music instruments, as well as publications related to Azerbaijan’s culture, history and the country’s contemporary development, and national souvenirs are showcased at the pavilion. Moreover, a bust of Azerbaijan’s poet of genius and thinker Nizami Ganjavi, works of sculpture from the series of Kharybulbul, Maiden Tower and Gazelles, imitation of Gobustan rock carvings are among the exhibits.


At the stand “I love Baku”, visitors are presented various souvenirs related to Azerbaijan. On the monitor installed at the pavilion are shown video clips related to Azerbaijan’s culture, its history and contemporary architecture, as well as reputable events held in Azerbaijan.


Based on the agreement reached, the Azerbaijani pavilion will operate on a long-term basis, whereby, millions of guests annually visiting the Ancient Residences Cultural Park, one of the largest tourism projects of China, will have a chance to receive information about the Azerbaijani culture.


Deputy chairperson of the Permanent Committee of the Chinese People’s Representatives Assembly (parliament), member of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee’s Political Bureau Van Chen, officials of Anhui province and Bengbu city, representatives of the diplomatic corps in China visited the Azerbaijani pavilion inaugurated in the Ancient Residences Park.


Laid out around Lake Longzi in Bengbu city, the Ancient Residences Cultural Park is a large cultural project covering an area of 333 hectares. 450 buildings in the traditional Chinese style, including the analogues of temples that have their specific place in the Chinese history and culture, were constructed on the territory. Some 10 thousand types of rare trees were planted in the park. Supported by the Anhui province and Bengbu city, the Ancient Residences park has been playing the role of a historic, cultural and ecological museum. Along with the pavilions dedicated to Chinese culture, various districts of the country, historical figures and renowned persons of art of China, cultures of various peoples will also be showcased at pavilions in the park.