February 22, 2022

The exhibition “Azerbaijani carpets: new vision” takes place in Moscow in the framework of the Days of Azerbaijan

On February 22nd, Days of Azerbaijan started in Moscow with the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. To continue until March 1st, series of cultural events are dedicated to the 30th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Russian Federation.


An exhibition entitled “Azerbaijani carpets: new vision” was inaugurated, on February 22, in the Azerbaijani pavilion at the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy in Moscow within the framework of these events. 14 carpets related to the “Garabagh” Group are displayed at the exhibition, arranged in cooperation with “Azerkhalcha” Joint-stock company. Four of them are from a contemporary collection in a new original format. The displayed exclusive carpets are product of a cooperation between the creative team of “Azerkhalcha” and Azerbaijan’s Honoured Artist Rashad Alakbarov. Chairperson of the Board of Directors of “Azerkhalcha” Emin Mammadov noted that all the carpets that are displayed here relate to the Garabagh carpet school. We are showing a new vision towards traditional Garabagh carpets, presenting modern, conceptual carpets according to the interior of the 21st century. Here you see samples of our carpets made in a limited number, 44. These carpets were made according to the design by artist Rashad Alakbarov on the basis of “Gasymushaghy” Group carpets related to “Garabagh” school. The collection is comprised of symbolic 44 carpets.



The chairperson of the Board of Directors of “Azerkhalcha” added that there are also famous “Dragon” carpets related to the Garabagh group in the exposition. E. Mammadov said: ”Here are displayed “Dragon” carpets in a contemporary view. One of our primary objectives is to present contemporary Azerbaijani carpets. All types of art are developing in Azerbaijan. Why not our carpets? Ancient Azerbaijani carpets are sold at various auctions; our ancient carpets are exhibited at most famous museums across the world. We wish our ancient carpets as well as those woven today to be taken to an auction in 50-100 years as antique carpets.”


The literary project “Dilden dile” based on great Azerbaijani poet Nizami Ganjavi’s poem “Seven Beauties” – another project of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, is presented in the Azerbaijani pavilion at the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy in Moscow. Pieces from the “Seven Beauties” were presented by persons of culture and art of Russia and Azerbaijan.