The novel “Pain”

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On February 25, 2019, presentation of the feature-documentary novel “Pain”, jointly written by Arie Gut, a renowned Israeli expert for  international relations, and his father, writer Amir Gut, took place at the Baku Book Centre. 


The Khojaly genocide – a tragedy of the 20th century – is described in detail in the novel “Pain”. The authors have described, with a heavy heart,  the grief  and tragedy of the people of Azerbaijan, having unmasked the “long-suffering” people of Armenia, based on the testimonies of residents who managed to escape the mass killing in Khojaly. The love story of Polad and Roya – two young people, belonging to different religions and nationalities, brought up in different environments, who meet in beautiful Baku by a luck of  destiny – is pictured in the work. Still a child, Roya becomes a witness of the merciless massacre committed by Armenian killers against the peaceful  residents of Khojaly town of Azerbaijan. She has lived all the losses and horrors of the war her people was involved in. Having grown up, Roya decides to help her relatives who survived the massacre  find their relatives. She does her utmost to convey the true facts about the Khojaly genocide to the world society.