Psychoneurological Center for Children

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Taking into consideration the necessity for a large centre for children’s examination and treatment, Heydar Aliyev Foundation built Psychoneurological Center for Children in Baku in 2009. 


 First floor of the Center includes psychiatrist, aromatherapy, oculist, psychoneurologist, small manipulation, neuropathologist-speech therapist, pediatrician, otolaryngologist, ultrasound checkup, physiotherapy rooms and reception. Physiotherapy treatment-sport hall was equipped with basketball boards, football gates, game set, electric cars, bicycles, slippery and gymnastic elements. Library contains CDs of tales, fiction books, textbooks. Room for autist children was provided with colorful soft toys. 80-people conference hall has modern seats and a projector. Special bed-dressers were installed in the newborn section.    


Second floor was supplied with accessories for children with functional defect. Therapy hall has all conditions. TV set with access to the centralized program is of big importance for children to use visual training methods. 


Third floor includes a bathroom for relatively senior children with functional defect. Active therapy hall has every facility for children’s activities, including special devices and game elements to restore walking. Water therapy room has massage bathes and showers.  


Children aged under 7 suffering from epilepsy, hydrocephaly, microcephaly, child cerebral paralysis, spinal cord growth and other diseases are treated in the Center.