Mehmandarovs’ estate complex in Shusha

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Located in the city of Shusha, Mehmandarovs’ estate complex was restored by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation.


The complex was constructed by representatives of the Mehmandarov family in the 18th century. The residential complex includes a large residential building, a small residential building, a family mosque, and a spring.


Since October 2021, repair and restoration works have been carried out at the complex, the family mosque on the territory, and the spring; the roof of the spring was restored to its previous view.


Roof covers of the house and mosque buildings included in the complex were renewed, and ceilings were restored. The demolished wall of the estate was restored, and reinforcement works were carried out on the damaged walls. Broken areas of the house flooring and of the steps were rebuilt, paintings on walls and ceilings were restored according to the draft design. “Guldeste” of the mosque was restored.


The historical phaeton related to early 20th century in the estate’s backyard was restored according to technologies used at the time.


A museum exposition was created in the estate after the works were completed. While compiling an exposition on the theme of “A House of a Karabakh Nobleman”, the interior of a Karabakh nobleman in late 19th – early 20th century, as well as peculiarities of an educated man’s lifestyle were taken into account.


Materials of the National Cinema-Photo Documents Archive of Azerbaijan, the National History Museum of Azerbaijan, the National Museum of Art of Azerbaijan, the Institute of Archaeology, Ethnography and Anthropology of ANAS, as well as scientific literature were used as a source in the exposition.


As the guest room of a nobleman’s estate used to be a symbol of the house, the latest interior design elements had been used here. There are also elements demonstrating national identity in the room. Information and portraits put into photo frames of the time hang in the interior. In order not to disturb the impression of interior, frames of photos and information were made according to that time. Photos are related to well-known noble families of Shusha – Mehmandarovs, as well as Rustambeyovs, Vezirovs and Gajars who had ties of relationship with them.


Rooms at the estate are beautified also by European-style items of household, along with national items. The rooms were designed to meet the rules of interior design related to late 19th – early 20th centuries. Here, visitors feel themselves as if they are in a home of an Azerbaijani nobleman who lived late in 19th – early 20th centuries.


Over 150 antique items were used while compiling the exposition.