Documentary “Under The Single Sun”

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A documentary entitled “Under The Single Sun” was produced by the Baku Media Centre with the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. On December 5, 2016, presentation of the film took place.


Head of the project, film’s chief producer Arzu Aliyeva participated in the presentation.


In the process of making the film, a camera crew consisting of 15 people travelled various districts of Azerbaijan, arranging excursions to 54 villages and settlements. During these trips of experimental nature, interviews with134 representatives of 17 ethnic groups were filmed. Only one of tens of representatives of an ethnic group had been chosen for a shooting. An individual presenting more precisely the identity of the people he/she represented by his/her speech, anthropological traits, day-to-day activities was given priority.


During the expedition, photographers of the camera crew filmed 3850 landscapes showing Azerbaijan’s beauty, and 2625 people related to various ethnic minorities living in this nature’s lap.


Shootings were performed in all seasons of the year. This allowed to show the many-colouredness of the Azerbaijani nature.


The basic message the film conveys to the audience is that a tolerant environment dominates in Azerbaijan and here, all people are living equally, regardless of their language, religion and culture.