February 28, 2013

Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva met with members of the Russian youth organizations

Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Chairperson of the Azerbaijani Youth Organization of Russia (AYOR) Leyla Aliyeva met, at the office of AYOR, with members of the Youth Public Chamber of Russia, the National Council of Russian Youth and Child Unions, Federal Agency for Youth Affairs and “Sodrujestvo” International Public Youth Organization.


A series of initiatives, current and perspective projects were discussed at the meeting.


Leyla Aliyeva invited participants of the meeting and organizations they represent to actively join international projects being held via the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan. It was noted at the meeting that the Youth Foundation established under the President of Azerbaijan allocates grants both to legal and natural persons. Leyla Aliyeva said grants of individual categories have been provided for foreigner. According to her, projects associated with Azerbaijan have better chances to get financial support.


Chairman of the National Council of Russian Youth and Children Unions Gregory Petushkov said great interest was shown to continuing cooperation and extending mutual work with AYOR. He said both sides have shown interest towards holding the 3rd Russian Azerbaijani Youth Forum in 2013 in Russia, extension of partnership between AYOR and other members of the National Council, extensive participation of youth in cultural, sport and education projects of both the countries.


An agreement has been reached at the meeting with member of the Russian Youth Public Chamber Aleksey Carpenko on restoration of the project for dissemination of books by well-known Russian writers and poets in Azerbaijani schools and books by well-known Azerbaijani writers and poets in Russian schools. A.Carpenko invited Leyla Aliyeva to the European Forum to be held in August of this year in the city of Alpbach of Austria.


Leyla Aliyeva said she supported the idea of exchanging with books. She noted that this kind of projects should be implemented on a permanent basis. Underlining the significance of encouraging children’s writers, translating of books into various languages and arranging meetings of the two countries’ writers, Leyla Aliyeva said the Azerbaijani side was ready to provide Russia’s universities and schools with literature, including collections comprised of works by Nizami, Fuzuli, Samad Vurghun and other Azerbaijani writers and poets.


Head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (FAYA) Sergey Belokonev talked of the importance of implementing joint projects in the field of works with youth. He said one of such projects will be a motocross through the territory of Azerbaijan. S.Belokonov said this motocross would be organized in the nearest future. In addition, an agreement has been reached with regard to participation of Azerbaijani youth in international projects organized by FAYA. At the end of the meeting, S.Belokonev suggested to develop and approve a plan for joint projects  to be implemented on the territory of the two countries.


Executive Director of “Sodrujestvo” International Youth Public Organization (IYPO) Magomed Aliyev talked of the partnership with AYOR, the Ministry of Sport and Youth of Azerbaijan and public organizations. He said Azerbaijani youth have been very actively participating in all events held by “Sodrujestvo” and demonstrating excellent results on works in one or other way. M.Aliyev sited, among the projects and programs already implemented, a seminar within the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly, the “Spring of a Student” International Festival (the tradition of its holding was restored by Azerbaijan), the “Days of Commonwealth Youth” International Forum, the “Young generation- life with no borders” Humanitarian Forum, the Youth Shift “We are the future of CIS” within the “Seliger” Forum, youth sessions of the Commonwealth etc. as series of seminars for young deputies and leaders of CIS countries within PACE,.


M. Aliyev talked of the projects to be implemented by “Sodrujestvo” and its national section in Azerbaijan with support from state authorities, in partnership with AYOR and  other public organizations. Among them, there are projects such as the series of seminars “Blits Sodrujestvo”, the Commonwealth countries’ public diplomatic corps, the “Sodrujestvo” International Christian and Muslim Youth Forum, the mountain school of “Sodrujestvo” young bloggers. In addition, cooperation between mass media was proposed.


M.Aliyev thanked Azerbaijan for active support of youth initiatives. He said he would come to Azerbaijan on May 9th. On these days, an education seminar will be held in Azerbaijan on the subject of “Blits Sodrujestvo. Baku” jointly with  “Sodrujestvo” and its national section in Azerbaijan.


At the end of the meeting, Leyla Aliyeva brought to the attention of the participant that a photo festival called “The Earth in Children’s Eyes” will be held in Baku, May 13. She invited the Russian youth to the festival.


Noting that much interest is being shown to holding art projects in Azerbaijan, Leyla Aliyeva said all conditions have been created at the Heydar Aliyev Centre to hold various events, including painting and photo exhibitions. She talked also of the exhibition “Flight to Baku” at “Multimedia Art Museum”, one of the largest museum and exhibition complexes of Moscow, and noted some two thousand people are visiting the exhibition daily.


Leyla Aliyeva invited the participants of the meeting to Baku.