February 26, 2007

Khojaly genocide victims honored in Moscow

Khojaly genocide victims memorial ceremony - `15 years without Khojaly` was held in Moscow by Azeri Youth Club of Moscow State International Relations Institute (MSIRI) and Russia Azeri Youth Coordination Board due to support of Heydar Aliyev Foundation.

After state hymn of Azerbaijan was sounded a documentary provided by Heydar Aliyev Foundation on history of Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict and Khojaly tragedy was shown.


Then, addressing the ceremony Leila Aliyeva, chairperson of Azeri Youth Club of MSIRI, said 20% of Azerbaijani lands have been occupied as a result of Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, there are over a million refugees and IDPs in country, ten thousands historical and architectural monuments destroyed. February 26, 1992, when Armenian aggressors completely destroyed Khojaly city of Azerbaijan, was one of most tragic pages in history of our country. Khojaly massacre became hardest test for our nation, events horrifying the person with their brutality deeply wounded every citizen, every family of the country. Here is the terrible statistics of Khojaly tragedy: over 600 people, including 83 children, 106 women and 70 elderly, were killed, up to 500 heavily wounded, over 1000 taken captive. Houses of peaceful civilians, hospitals and schools were burnt and destroyed. Unbridled Armenian robbers compassionated neither babies nor elderly. It would be fully fairy to include this tragedy in the list of the gravest crimes against the entire mankind for cruelty and popularity. Despite 15 years pass, Azerbaijan does not forget that horrible February day and will never forget. Witnesses of bloody tragedy are still alive, there are documents, photos and videos confirming these universal crimes.


Leila Aliyeva noted the goal of the event held due to support of Heydar Aliyev Foundation is to provide correct and fair information to the world community about Khojaly genocide. Applying to the world community we want to call it to make all efforts to prevent perpetration of such crimes, Mrs Aliyeva said.


Khojaly events showed once more to the entire universe the disasters caused by disobedience to international law and double standards policy. In addition, Khojaly brought world Azeris together. We believe Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict will fairly be settled, Khojaly events will be given legal assessment. Lastly, in XXI century the mankind must pass from violence and wars into new culture - general values, solidarity, tolerance and culture based on rights of every person.


Chairman of Azeri Youth Coordination Board Siyavush Mammadov noted necessity to make conlusion from tragic events of our history. He said events are yearly held in different cities worldwide to deliver the truth on Khojaly to the public. Azeri youth in Russia also try to assure awareness of the country public of the Khojaly tragedy. Azeri people has always been sample of tolerance and peacefulness. Just because of this we have been waiting for many years that the world community will condemn Armenian aggression, make Armenians peacefully give the occupied lands back. I am sure in near future Azerbaijan will become one of prestigious political and economic centers worldwide, its voice will be heard more loudly and it will be impossible not to take it into account.


Rovshan Mustafayev, director of Human Rights Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, doctor of political sciences, stressed ideology of aggressive Armenians directed to the entire universe has been based on false and foolish ideas. But even strong propaganda machine of Armenians could not explain and justify atrocities committed in Khojaly against Azeris.


Azeri ambassador to Russia Polad Bulbuloglu underlined terrible tragedy committed in Khojaly has been living in heart of every Azeri for already 15 years, but yearly strengthening political and economic power of Azerbaijan makes us confident that we will clean our lands of occupants and restore historical justice. Azerbaijan is not previous Azerbaijan and Azeris also are not those Azeris. It is now firmly united nation, sovereign country, its voice is heard all over the world and strengthened day by day. We will achieve recognition of Khojaly events as genocide and return our historical lands.


Film `Scream` was shown then.


In the lobby of Central Entrepreneurs House where the event took place a photo exhibition on Khojaly tragedy was organized. Attendees of the event were given books in different languages, magazines and booklets, materials of foreign journalists having covered Khojaly tragedy, articles posted on the world press on this tragedy sent by Heydar Aliyev Foundation.


In the memorial evening employees of Azeri Embassy to Russia, reps of All-Russian Azerbaijan Congress and Russian public were present.