November 28, 2007

Head of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation’s Office in the Russian Federation Leyla Aliyeva met with members of the Azerbaijani Diaspora in Russia

Event was organized at Mir Cinema and Concert Palace in Moscow by Heydar Aliyev Foundation’s Office to the Russian Federation. A meeting was held in frame of the event with Leila Aliyeva, head of the Office. The meeting involved actives of youth organizations representing 40 regions of Russia, heads of diaspora, over 200 reps of All-Russia Azerbaijan Congress and Federal National and Cultural Autonomy.


Opening the meeting humanitarian attache of the Azeri Embassy to Moscow Nigar Akhundova informed of activities of Heydar Aliyev Foundation’s Office to Moscow. Emphasizing huge works done by the Office’s head she noted for short time creation of Azerbaijani youth clubs started at different higher schools of Russia, meetings organized in some regions with local administrations and diasporas. ‘The Foundation attaches great importance to strengthening of friendly ties between nations of Russia and Azerbaijan, propaganda of achievements of Azeri culture, assuring solidarity of Azeri youth in Russia and awareness of the Russian public of current realities of Azerbaijan’ she said.  


Executive director of All-Russia Azerbaijan Congress Eldar Guliyev said the author of the idea of firm solidarity of Azeri diaspora is national leader Heydar Aliyev. Realization of this idea resulted in establishment of All-Russia Azerbaijan Congress and works the Congress does today is the manifestation of the great leader’s ideas. He noted opportunity of Azeri youth to get education in Russian higher schools is great service by President Ilham Aliyev who renders huge attention to youth policy.


Then, youth representing various regions of Russia spoke. They expressed gratitude to the Russian mission of the Foundation for support to solidarity of youth and their integration to Russian society, help to implementation of different projects, promoting increase of role and influence of Azeri youth in public-political life of Russia. Speakers underlined active participation of the Foundation in supplying the regional libraries and schools with required literature, textbooks and various appliances.  


Leila Aliyeva thanked for warm words and said ‘Azeri youth in Russia are very active, skillful and positive. Each of us can be very useful for Azerbaijan no matter where we are. We would have bigger successes if we are together’.


Then a concert was held. Addressing the event prior to the concert L.Aliyeva talked of major priorities of action of Heydar Aliyev Foundation in Russia. She said there are a lot of misunderstandings, disagreements and false stereotypes in present world. In this case, dialog of cultures is universal key to solution of several problems. One of priority duties of the Office is to develop and expand dialog of culture between Azerbaijan and Russia. Talking of relationship of Russia and Azerbaijan L.Aliyeva mentioned these relations dynamically develop in several directions and according to heads of both states they are considered strategic partnership relations. Noting the special role of youth in development of these relations she emphasized Azeri youth should multilaterally integrate to Russian society, actively get involved in its public and political life, but at the same time save its national culture. It is necessary to enlarge the scope of action of Azerbaijan clubs, Sunday schools and other cultural centers. Azeri youth should take opportunity at these centers to study native language and culture, be aware of processes ongoing in Azerbaijan.  


Leila Aliyeva is very hopeful for establishment of the Organization of Azeri Youth in Russia (OAYR). She said: ‘I believe OAYR will manage to create such a united space where every representative of Azeri youth will find respective interesting ideas and new friends. We want this organization to play the role of bridge for those wanting to love, make friendship, communicate and give contribution to development of friendly relations between Azerbaijan and Russia’.


Addressing the event deputy secretary of Supreme Board of Yedinaya Rossiya Party, deputy chairman of Yedinaya Rossiya fraction at State Duma of RF Valeri Ryazansky said relations between two countries base on kind neighborhood and mutual respect and it has huge prospects. He read congratulation of the leadership of his party to the participants of the event. The document says the forum of Azeri youth is held on the eve of elections to State Duma that is very essential to Russia and Yedinaya Rossiya. Therefore, it is of great importance that this action is supported by Azeri youth representing here all corners of the huge country. ‘Your voting for Putin and Yedinaya Rossiya will not show only your citizen attitude, but also guarantee our joint victory, victory of Russia’ V.Ryazansky said.       


Leila Aliyeva presented the guest with a book on mutual relations of Azerbaijan and Russia, said national leader of Azeri nation Heydar Aliyev used to always attach big importance to development of friendship between two countries.


Federal coordinator of movement Molodaya gvardiya Aleksey Shaposhnikov spoke on behalf of this organization, noted special role of youth in modern political life and public-political processes.


Representative of Azeri youth in Tver province S.Memishova firmly assured the participants that Azeri youth will support Putin.


Then, participants of the event viewed video on Azerbaijan and its current successes.


Event ended with interesting concert of singers and creative groups from Baku.