April 25, 2006

Mehriban Aliyeva meets with director general of World Health Organization Lee Jong-wook

UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva met on April 25 with director general of World Health Organization Lee Jong-wook, paying a visit to Baku.

The distinguished guest and persons accompanying him were acquainted with the rich exhibition of the Foundation. Unique documents taken from the archive of the great leader on his childhood, youth, higher school years, separate periods of his activity, numerous pictures reflecting the very various moments of his life and creating a wide idea of the entire history of Azerbaijan, gifts presented to him by the popular political figures all over the world, photos taken with leaders of different countries, figures of science, culture and art left deep impression on them. Information given on scientific-practical activity of lovely wife of the national leader, outstanding ophthalmologist, academician Zarifa Aliyeva, works done by Heydar Aliyev as high-ranking official of USSR in field of lifting the level of medicine in the greatest country worldwide, expansion of infrastructure, creation of new medical enters was highly valued.

Mr Lee Jong-wook highly valued the activity of the Foundation and wrote sincere words in Honor Book.

Then, meeting took place with the director general of WHO. Mrs Aliyeva expressed delight of seeing Mr Lee Jong-wook in Baku and at the Foundation named after constructor of independent Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev.

Mehriban Aliyeva noted the Foundation, functioning since 2004, implements projects in education and healthcare, special attention is paid to health problems. Mrs Aliyeva informed one of the first actions carried out in this field is the project `Highest care about diabetes-affected children`. On December 4, 2004, after the project was presented at the Foundation, we directed attention of the community, local and international organizations to problems of diabetes-affected children in the country, participation of International Diabetes Federation in this mission was intensified. A number of difficulties in ensuring the insulin to 310 children aged under 14 suffering from this disease were removed in Azerbaijan.

Mrs Aliyeva underlined another project implemented by the Foundation in health is directed to prevent thalassemia in the country. after collecting respective information on number, state and treatment possibilities of those affected with thalassemia, the round table was held in February 2005 on `For life without thalassemia` in which issues of cooperation with community reps, international organizations, International Thalassemia Federation were discussed, it was decided to establish Thalassemia Diagnostics Center equipped with modern appliances.

The project considers development of donor service to ensure children suffering from this disease with unsafe and premium blood, education of population, forecasting the disease by prenatal diagnostics. Experience of Israel, Turkey, Greece and Italy is studied in fighting the thalassemia. Visits of famous experts of some countries in field of thalassemia were organized to Azerbaijan and discussions were held. It is considered to organize within this cooperation the exchange of experts in order to have high-qualified personnel in this field in Azerbaijan.

Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva said there are not required modern appliances in the country to discover this disease in time and there is need for help of World Health Organization in this and other fields. She expressed confidence that the visit of the head of the prestigious organization such as WHO to Azerbaijan will have positive impact on development of healthcare in the country.

Director general of World Health Organization Lee Jong-wook expressed satisfaction from familiarization with the Foundation, philanthropic actions implemented by that in healthcare and other spheres, highly valued activity and initiatives of the President of the Foundation in this field. He noted his good feelings of the visit to Azerbaijan, meetings with its President and First Lady. Mr Lee Jong-wook said the Organization led by him is ready to cooperate with the Foundation, that he is confident for the establishment of effective contacts, will help to resolve a number of problems raised.

Mehriban Aliyeva presented the visitors the `Singers of Garabagh` music album, project of the Foundation, and souvenirs.