March 17, 2016

Meeting with spouses of heads of diplomatic missions

On March 17, on the eve of Novruz Holiday, Azerbaijan’s First Lady, President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva met spouses of heads of diplomatic missions in Baku. 


Mehriban Aliyeva expressed her delight in meeting the spouses of heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Azerbaijan. 


The spouse of Pakistan’s Ambassador to Azerbaijan, the head of the Diplomatic Mission Heads Spouses Organization Asima Gayser, speaking on behalf of meeting participants, emphasized the Azerbaijani people’s hospitality. She said they felt themselves in Azerbaijan like at home. Asima Gayser said the primary objective of the organization she has been heading was to ensure that its members participate, as friends, in social and cultural events, and learn Azerbaijan more closely. 


Works done, projects implemented under Mehriban Aliyeva’s leadership were talked about at the meeting. Mehriban Aliyeva’s activity was highly appreciated. Thanking Mehriban Aliyeva for the meeting, the head of the organization offered to turn such meetings into a tradition, and delivered her congratulations to the people of Azerbaijan on the coming Novruz Holiday. 


Asima Gayser said: 


- Dear First Lady of the Republic of Azerbaijan, President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva.


Dear members of the Diplomatic Mission Heads Spouses Organization, good morning.


Let me start my speech by expressing my deep gratitude to Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva for honouring all of us with this meeting.


Dear Mrs Aliyeva, my colleagues and friends attending today’s meeting here are  extremely happy to see You. As your name implies, You are very kind indeed. Thank You for sharing your precious time with us. You have been playing a big role both as the first lady of Azerbaijan and president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. You personify love and care for the humankind. Your endeavours aimed at promoting understanding between different cultures, civilizations, religions and nations are worth of esteem. I know that You have special love for Pakistan. But I am sure people in the countries of those attending today’s meeting also love you very much. Your activity and loyalty is a source of inspiration for all of us. 


Mehriban Aliyeva said heads of missions and their spouses contribute to strengthening of the relations between the countries further, and this meeting was a good chance for the discussion of cooperation. 


Mehriban Aliyeva said: 


- Dear ladies, first of all I would like to welcome all of you to here. I am very glad to see you. 


Thank you for the words you told about me and such high appreciation of my activity. What I’ m impressed of most is that you said you were feeling yourselves in Azerbaijan very comfortable and happy. Certainly, some of you have been in Azerbaijan for longer, and other for shorter period. But I’m hopeful you have already sensed the hospitality, warm-heartedness and kindness of the people of Azerbaijan. 


Of course, Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital, is one of the most beautiful cities of the world. All conditions for a comfortable and nice life exists here. I am confident you are familiar with the history of our country and capital. Baku embodies both Western and Eastern cultures, antiquity and modernity. Apparently, you have experienced the pleasure of living in this city. In my opinion, as everywhere, the impression made on people is the very important. Of course, you too have been making significant contribution to strengthening of the relations between our countries further. I am sure all spouses of ambassadors attending this meeting and ambassadors themselves have been making every effort to ensure that the relations between Azerbaijan and their countries relied on a stronger, broader and closer brotherhood. 


You talked sufficiently today about your activity. Of course, I welcome  possible cooperation with the Heydar Aliyev Foundation in future. You mentioned that the Heydar Aliyev Foundation is very well known not only in Azerbaijan, but also abroad for its projects implemented in the humanitarian sphere. I believe humans, especially women, can do a lot in this sphere all over the world, as culture, education and social sphere are a universal chance to make people to know each other better, and give more comprehensive information. You suggested to meet more often in future and discuss possible cooperation. I’m sure we can indeed do good works together. I’m ready and open to this cooperation.  


Thank you once more for this meeting and for your activity in our country.  Please accept my sincere congratulations on the upcoming Novruz Holiday. I wish you and your families happiness and sound health. I wish peace and tranquillity to your countries. 


Speaking later, spouse of Netherland’s ambassador to our country Ursula Chehner talked about the organization’s charitable projects.


Mehriban Aliyeva noted that a great deal of works can be done in this sphere. She said she was ready to support projects of the Diplomatic Mission Heads Spouses Organization. 


The meeting continued around a tea table with discussion of projects that could be realized in future, and works to be done to this end.


At the end, they were photographed. Novruz gifts were presented to spouses of heads of diplomatic missions.