October 7, 2011

Mehriban Aliyeva receives the Officer Class of the National Order of Legion of Honor of the French Republic

In frame of French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s official visit to Azerbaijan, ceremony was held to award the Officer Class of the National Order of Legion of Honor of the French Republic to Azerbaijan`s First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva, October 7. 


President Nicolas SARKOZY delivered a speech at the ceremony:


Mr President,

Dear Lady,


You were born in Baku. You are the best ambassador of Azerbaijan and at the same time a good example for all women in the world. We know that You have received higher education in Moscow and You are an expert in the field of ophthalmology. You do hard work in the interests of Your country, as well as actively work in the parliament. Your decision to replace Your post as Chair of the US-Azerbaijan Friendship Group in the parliament to the post of Chair of the France-Azerbaijan Friendship Group is a great honor for us. This was a strategic and an excellent choice. You are also personally involved in promotion of cultural diversity. You are a great friend of France. You do an extremely important job. The Foundation led by You has done a lot in the field of child care. The Foundation also contributes to the preservation of world cultural heritage. Thus, I would like to present the highest order of our country, the French Republic, to the First Lady of Azerbaijan.


Dear Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva, on behalf of the French Republic, I present You the Officer Class of the National Order of Legion of Honor.




The head of the French state, presented the Officer Class of the National Order of Legion of Honor to the First Lady of Azerbaijan.




Azerbaijan`s First Lady Mehriban ALIYEVA expressed gratitude to French President Nicolas Sarkozy:


Dear Mr President, I express my deep gratitude to You for awarding me the Officer Class of the National Order of Legion of Honor, the high award of the French state.


It is a great honor for me and appreciation of my work. Thank You for the words You said about me.


I want to assure You that I will do everything possible with great desire to expand and strengthen relations between Azerbaijan and France.


I am very glad that Heydar Aliyev Foundation led by me has also made efforts towards the realization of Baku French Lyceum, the foundation of which is laid today. I am confident that this lyceum will assist to the development of education in our country and will promote the French language, history and culture in Azerbaijan.


We held various events, concerts, festivals this year to promote the culture of Azerbaijan in France. The exhibition Plaisirs De France reflecting the rich art of France will be held in Baku next year.


The Azerbaijani Culture Centre will soon be opened in Paris, and thus, cooperation between our countries in the humanitarian field will be even deeper. I am very happy that I have also contributed to this sphere.


Mr President, expressing my deep respect and love for Your country, I thank You and the French state once again for this high award. I convey my best wishes for Your country, Your people, You and Your family. Thank You so much once again.




They posed for photographs.