March 12, 2019

First Vice-president of Azerbaijan, Prezident of the Heydar Alıyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva visits the Orsay Museum together with Culture Minister of France Franck Riester

First Vice-president of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva visited, March 12, the Orsay Museum of Paris, accompanied by Culture Minister of France Franck Riester.


Mehriban Aliyeva was greeted by the culture minister of France.


While becoming familiarized with the Orsay Museum of Paris, it was informed that this building, one of the most beautiful buildings of the French capital, and previously exploited as a station for trains operating on the Paris- Orléans route, is called the Orsay Museum. Among the most visited cultural establishments of Paris, as well as of Europe, the Orsay Museum, constructed in 1898-1900, is located on the bank of River Seine. One of the most beautiful examples of the Parisian architecture, the Orsay Museum has been preserved as a historical and architectural monument. In general, this museum is considered among the best three in Paris, and 10 in the world. Made of mainly impressionistic and postimpressionistic collections, the museum is a venue for various events – concerts, shows, and roundtables. Some 4 million people visit the museum in the course of a year. With the collection comprised of rare examples of artworks related to mainly French and European arts, the museum boasts of famous collections consisting of sculptural works, painting, furniture, and photos created over the course of 1848-1915. With the inauguration taking place in 1986, the museum attracts visitors with its collection comprising works by Monet, De Gas, and Renoir. Various tinges of the 19th century European life are reflected in their works. This is the most significant moment which makes these works interesting. Inica of the European society, these examples of art include art techniques that could have been considered rare for that period.


Advancement of relations between Azerbaijan and France in the field of culture has always been a focus of attention, and cooperation in this sphere has been a significant direction in the bilateral relations. Mehriban Aliyeva has always played an exclusive role in the advancement of cultural cooperation between the two countries. As a result of the multilateral activities programme implemented by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation - led by her, best examples of the world’s cultural heritage were restored. Universal monuments in the Versailles Palace’s park in Paris, five glass-cases of a cathedral related to the 15th century in Strasbourg, and establishment of the Islamic culture department in the Louvre Museum can be cited as examples. Thanks to Azerbaijan’s efforts, these monuments entered the world’s cultural treasure. Therefore, the activities of the country, in particular, of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, have always been respectfully welcomed in France.