October 13, 2005

Mehriban Aliyeva was awarded with Order of Ruby Cross

A ceremony to award the order of Ruby Cross of the International Charity Foundation `Philanthropists of the Century` to President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva took place on October 13.

Opening the ceremony, rector of the Baku Slavonic University, professor Kamal Abdullayev said: it is a remarkable event today in life of the republic - order of Ruby Cross of the International Charity Foundation is awarded to UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva. We cordially congratulate her.

Talking of charitable activity of Mrs Aliyeva, the speaker noted this activity has a special feature that can be called generosity. All the works she does, meetings holds with different people in various points of the country are expressed through this word. Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva does all these works with a great generosity that is specific to her nature. I think it is not by chance, because all we know that she has passed through the great, interesting, perfect and a miraculous school of genius Azerbaijani, our unforgettable President Heydar Alirza oglu Aliyev. This school of life helps Mrs Aliyeva at present time, too.

Many deal with charity at the moment in the world. But reps of different sections of our intellectuals, society admire not only the works done today by Mrs Aliyeva but the way she does these works. This moral nobility has bilateral links. I think, Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva also is spiritually rising and tries that people to whom this attention and care, activity and mission are addressed spiritually rose and were richened. Great moral junction takes place at the moment that distinguishes the current activity of Mrs Aliyeva in Azerbaijan. It is seen not only in Azerbaijan but everywhere she visits.

I remember beautiful words of famous American writer of XX century O`Henry. He had said: `We should be grateful to those persons who let us help them`. Just such attitude - the attitude in which not only the party that gives something but also the party receiving it is a subject to this process, such a mutual moral richening characterizes the activity of Mrs Aliyeva in that direction.

Then, on behalf of Azerbaijani intellectuals, reps of creative intellectuals, the speaker wished Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva personal happiness and success in her multilateral activity and philanthropic mission for the prosperity of nation.

Member of the Milli Majlis, Head of the Russian community in Azerbaijan MIKHAIL ZABELIN gave a speech, talked of philanthropic mission of Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva, said Azerbaijani people support this. He said Russian community also feels the charity of the President of the Foundation: TV set and various gifts were presented on behalf of Mrs Aliyeva to the child camp within the community. These were presented by her daughter Leila who changed the ceremony to the real holiday. It happened unexpectedly because no appeal was addressed to the Foundation. All these were reflected in sentimental and fragile hearts of children.

Mikhail Zabelin thanked the President of the Foundation for her great humanist mission in field of construction and accomplishment of children`s homes, the culture. He stated just highly valuing the philanthropic services of the President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Russian community of Azerbaijan, other public organizations have presented Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva to the Order of Ruby Cross due to support of Russian embassy to Baku.

Mrs. ANGELINA VOVK, the member of the Board of the International Charity Foundation Philanthropists of the Century, Honored Artists of Russia pointed in her speech that humanism and sharing the sorrow of others were the eternal values appreciated in the human society in all times. Serving his country, people, charity and equity ideas, great personality of our time Heydar Aliyev showed such sample of disinterested life. Sharing her impression about the interview of Sevil Aliyeva, daughter of Heydar Aliyev, that she recently read, A.Vovk said Mrs Sevil Aliyeva has disclosed a number of pages of this beautiful man.

Angelina Vovk talked of the goals and duties of International Charity Foundation `Philanthropists of the Century` established due to support of Affairs Department of Russian President, Federation Council, State Duma, Moscow government and several other official bodies, said along with names of other popular contemporaries, name of Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva will be written with golden letters in list of the greatest philanthropists and patrons of art. Ceremony of laying the foundation for the special memorial is to take place in Moscow on October 15.

Angelina Vovk said due to her organizational skills, Mrs Aliyeva implements a number of humanitarian programs that introduce Azerbaijan in international world as a state trying for peace, creative development and cooperation with other countries. Her unique activity is directed towards protection of very rich cultural traditions of Azerbaijani people, improvement of life of the socially weakest sections of population - refugees, IDPs, children from poor families, orphans. The Foundation, which is led by her and named after legendary national leader of Azerbaijani people Heydar Aliyev, carries out a number of projects of social importance. Programs `Highest care about diabetes-affected children`, `For the life without thalassemia` have specially been mentioned.

It was mentioned that Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva is the only woman among awardees of order of Ruby Cross.

Presenting Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva with the Order Chairman of the Board of the International Union of Russian Compatriots, member of the Board of the International Charity Foundation Philanthropists of the Century, count PETER SHEREMETYEV said her activity is an example of exalted human self-consciousness, nobility of soul and purity of ideas. He expressed confidence that Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva`s efforts would further promote strengthening of friendly ties between Azerbaijan and Russia.

President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva addressed the ceremony.