November 6, 2006

Meeting with the public in Azizbeyov district

First Lady of Azerbaijan, MP Mehriban Aliyeva met with voters on November 6 at Fuad Ferhadoglu secondary school 230 in Shuvalan settlement of Azizbeyov district of Baku.

Mehriban Aliyeva gave speech for voters.

Speech by Mehriban Aliyeva:

Dear friends!

First of all I greet you. I am very glad to see you. I sincerely thank you for giving your confidence to me in parliamentary elections of November 6, 2005, believing in me and voting for me. Sincerity, good spirit, warm attitude and respect you showed to me during election campaign and meetings held later are very precious and unforgettable to me.

Almost from our first meetings we together discussed problems of the district and looked for ways to solve them. During those meetings we were setting future development plan and major prospects for Azizbeyov district.

You probably agree that one year is not so long period. But with pride I want to say we have got many of our goals for this one year. Today we see concrete results of concrete works. Our meeting is taking place at school 230 that is reconstructed and meets the highest world standards.

I remember well, in my pre-election meeting with Northern DRES settlement residents pupils and teachers said the school was under very bad situation. I came and saw it by myself. All necessary actions were immediately taken. Today our children get education in building meeting very modern standards. School has large, light classrooms, subject labs, sport hall, computer rooms, library, diner, sport ground. Working conditions of teachers are exemplary.

You know that development of education has been set as priority in activity of Heydar Aliyev Foundation from the first day. 'New school to new Azerbaijan' program is welcomed in country. 132 schools were built in country in 2005 by initiative of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, 60 new ones built, supplied with very modern appliances and commissioned in 2006. In our remotest villages our children study at clean, light, modern, new schools.

A number of schools are under construction in Azizbeyov district. Kindergartens and boarding schools are fundamentally repaired, roads reconstructed, water lines built. Our official gave brief information on works done in his speech made prior to me. I just want to give you some data.

Education institutions: reconstruction of 820-seat 5 boarding schools, construction of 150-seat summer camp, reconstruction of 6138-seat 8 secondary schools, 230-seat 3 kindergartens, creation of training-education center;

Medical institutions: reconstruction of 25-bed hospital equipped with modern appliances, polyclinic, first aid station and drug store;

Cultural institutions and religious monuments: reconstruction of 860-seat 2 cultural houses, 3 mosques and sanctuary, 1 bas-relief and1 monument, construction of 1 library;

Infrastructure: construction of gateways of 3 settlements, 45-km water line to 3 settlements, reconstruction of 63-km intersettlement and settlement motorways, commissioning of 27 bus stops, 110-kv supplementary station, installation of 512 light columns, reconstruction of 2 settlement parks.

Recalling these my aim is that during a year we have got many of our goals, and we see results of these works.

You know that 'Azizbeyov District Development Fund' was created at initiative of Azizbeyov district elderly and the Fund is functioning. I am very glad that residents of settlements take very active part in daily activity of this fund. From first day of its establishment Fund firmly cooperates with Heydar Aliyev Foundation. Our reps regularly meet with settlement residents.

I would like to emphasize one issue. My position is that except big-scale and long term projects, daily problem of people must be settled, ways must be found for solution of them. People in need must be helped. I always try for solution of these problems.

Dear friends, there are also problems not solved in our district. We all want all kindergartens, schools in our district to meet highest standards, new treatment-diagnostic centers, sport palaces to be built, new workstations opened, gas problem fully solved, not only central roads but also intersettlement roads reconstructed.

To me, there are 2 major factors to achieve all this. First, political stability, and second - economic development. These both exist today in our country. You know that Azerbaijan is leading state in region. Having a look in economic development data we would see that we are leader country worldwide. Every region, every district of Azerbaijan develops, reforms implemented, new schools, hospitals commissioned, new plants, factories built, new workplaces opened, roads built to the remotest villages of republic. I believe that due to the strong will we will get all our objectives.

Dear friends, I express my deep gratitude to you for warm words you said on my activity. We are a formed and strong team and will have all our dreams come true.

Mr President gave an assignment to me and I want to deliver it to you. Mr President wishes you all good health, family happiness, long life and success in your works. I also join these wishes.