July 5, 2006

A ceremony of presenting books related to various sphares of science to higher schools of Azerbaijan

On July 5 Heydar Aliyev Foundation presented over 4,000 books of different sciences published in Russia in high polygraphic level to the higher schools of the republic.

Employees of science, culture and education of the republic, famous scholars and intellectuals were present in the presentation ceremony arranged on this occasion.

President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva made a speech in the ceremony.

Speech by Mehriban Aliyeva:

I am very glad to see each of you in the next event we are holding. Today we have invited you to a nice book exhibition. But differed from an ordinary exhibition, all these books in our exhibition will be gifted to the higher schools of our country by Heydar Aliyev Foundation.

As you know, Heydar Aliyev Foundation regularly implements big scale projects in field of education. Second phase of 'New school to new Azerbaijan' program that is much appreciated in all the country has started. Last year the 100, 200 and 240-seat 132 school buildings were built in frame of this program on initiative of Heydar Aliyev Foundation in the country. Construction of about 50 schools began this year. By the new school year all these schools will be supplied with very modern appliances and commissioned.

Another project - 'Boarding schools development program' started in 2003 by repair of school 268. Fundamental repair works were implemented since then at 23 boarding schools of the republic. We can say now that many of material and technical problems of such special boarding schools have been removed.

This event also may be considered as beginning of a big program in field of education. More than 4,000 books are on display in our exhibition and majority of them are manuals. These books may be divided in several groups. A group of books are Russian-language manuals on mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, philosophy, law, history, psychology, sociology and foreign languages.

A second group includes books published from foreign languages into Russian in modern foreign way.

A big part of books are about medical sciences including publications for functioning doctors and students of Medical University.

Lastly, manuals for children considered for special schools.

All these books will be presented today to libraries of 14 education centers of the country.

I think this is just a phase of our program. Analysis of manuals used in education programs of higher schools of Azerbaijan at present shows that majority of them were published in soviet time and are old, do not meet modern requirements. If we talk of reforms in education, we want to integrate our requirements to education system of most advanced countries. That is why Heydar Aliyev Foundation offers to study at higher schools conformity of the presented books to our education program, conduct analysis and translate them into Azerbaijani language and publish.

Obviously, there are books that must be prepared in national basis and this belongs to humanitarian, public sciences first. Books on Azerbaijani language and literature must be written and published in Azerbaijan only.

At the same time, I think translation of books on other sciences such as chemistry, physics and biology to Azerbaijani language and publication with mass circulations may be big support to our students of higher schools.

Heydar Aliyev Foundation is ready to cooperate with teachers and scholars of higher schools of the republic, render big support in translation and publication of books to solve this issue. Heydar Aliyev Foundation assumes translation and publication of books belonging to special schools, for physically and mentally retarded children and I am confident all special boarding schools of the republic will soon be equipped with the very modern manuals.

Lastly I would like to stress that all books exhibited today belong to Russian education system but by the end of this year Heydar Aliyev Foundation will hold exhibition of manuals published on English, German, French languages and then they will be presented to consideration of our scientists and experts.

At the end, I want to inform you about the list of higher schools the books are presented: Baku State University, Azerbaijan Medical University, Azerbaijan Technical University, Azerbaijan State Economic University, Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University, Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, Azerbaijan Languages University, Azerbaijan State Physical Training and Sport Academy, State Administration Academy by President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan Culture and Art University, Azerbaijan Painting Academy, Baku Slav University, Tourism Academy.

So, Heydar Aliyev Foundation begins cooperation with all these higher schools and I am sure in success of this cooperation.