September 13, 2005

A ceremony at UNESCO devoted to the 100th jubilee of eminent Azerbaijani scholar, academician Yusif Mammadaliyev

Solemn ceremony dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the outstanding Azerbaijani scientist, academician Yusif Mammadaliyev was held at the residence of UNESCO in Paris, on September 13.

UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Mehriban Aliyeva addressed the ceremony.

Speech by Mehriban Aliyeva:

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I cordially welcome all visitors who have gathered today on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of outstanding Azerbaijan scientist Yusif Mammadaliyev. I express deep gratitude to everyone who took part in the organization of this anniversary holiday, first of all, the management and employees of UNESCO.

Last years the relations between Azerbaijan and UNESCO have intensified. It is very pleasant and finds the reflection in the carried out actions, our official and informal meetings, visits of UNESCO Director-General Mr. Koichiro Matsuura to our country, and the main thing, - love and attention of simple people to this structure. It is very glad that anniversary ceremonies today pass both in Azerbaijan, and in the capital of France, Paris.

Inclusion of 100th anniversary of Yusif Mammadaliyev in UNESCO calendar serves as a high estimation of his scientific activity. This person lives in the history and hearts of people as due to the person, and the work done in the field of development of science and education. Today, we can tell that the outstanding Azerbaijan scientist served the ideas of UNESCO.

Yusif  Mammadaliyev as if has lived some lives. First of all, it is the life of the researcher of the talented scientist. He has based school of organic chemistry in Azerbaijan. His name is closely connected to oil refining and the branches of science connected to oil. Oil is one of the biggest riches of our country, as if, has decided to open to this person the secrets, has turned for him to an inexhaustible energy source. If to pay attention to any research of Yusif Mammadaliyev, it is possible to meet the word "for the first time". Therefore, it is no wonder, that the world counts Y. Mammadaliyev an outstanding researcher and the innovator.

Life of Yusif Mammadaliyev has coincided with very difficult period. Within the World War II, he continued the activity connected to research works. Azerbaijan produced 70-80 percent of the oil extracted in former Soviet Union in 40s of XX century. As due to the natural resources, and scientific potential, our country has played a huge role in achievement of the victory over fascism.

Yusif Mammadaliyev also has lived a life of the outstanding educator. It is possible to tell that the outstanding scientist possessed also talent of teacher. When he for the first time has come in the class as the teacher, he was only 16. Even being the senior lecturer, chief of department, the professor and, at last, the rector of the Azerbaijan State University, he was the person who very much liked to teach and study. The heritage left by the scientist has found the reflection not only in his books and scientific inventions, but also on destinies of many young people.

In 1945, when UNESCO was created, Y Mammadaliyev as one of the founders of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan became its constitutor. After a while, he has been elected as the president of Academy and has created a center of science meeting modern requirements.

The life of this person is full of contradictions. Y. Mammadaliyev was very peaceful person, but the substances created by him possessed extreme force. He was very constrained person, but his inventions have allowed increasing speed of machines and planes. He was the person with open soul, but lived and created in closed enough society.

Yusif Mammadaliyev has lived very short, but a bright life. Working, creating, he again aspired to work, creativity and creation. As if he hastened somewhere. Who knows, may be any unusual intuition warned him: hurry up, you have to do a lot.

Carrying out today the100th jubilee of Y. Mammadaliyev in UNESCO has very important symbolical value. This person has devoted all life to science, education and culture. Today, the UNESCO, as a matter of fact, celebrates the anniversary of one of its true soldiers. In this sense, I would tell, Yusif Mammadaliyev was the happy person.

Dear friends, in conclusion of my statement, I want to congratulate you on this holiday once again. I wish new successes and great future to cooperation of Azerbaijan and UNESCO.

Many thanks!