July 14, 2015

Opening of the Days of Azerbaijani Culture in Cannes

Opening of the Days of Azerbaijani Culture took place in the French city of Cannes with the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, July 14. 


Azerbaijan’s First Lady, President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, head of the Working Group for Azerbaijan-France Interparliamental Relations Mehriban Aliyeva addressed the ceremony:


-Dear Mister Mayor.


Esteemed Guests.


Ladies and Gentlemen.


Dear Friends.


I am delighted to be again  with you in this beautiful city of Cannes. Welcome to the traditional Azerbaijani Night.


Our event is taking place on a significant day – 14th July, the National Holiday of France. Certainly, I’m delighted to be among my friends on such a day. I would like to congratulate you and the people of France on  such a holiday. I wish you happiness, sound health and peace. 


The French-Azerbaijani relations have been built on friendship, mutual interest and respect, and they have experienced rapid development recent years in a number of spheres. From this standpoint, relations between regions are of significant importance. It is pleasing that agreements of cooperation and friendship have been signed for the last few years between 12 cities of Azerbaijan and France. These cities have also signed agreements of brotherhood. Such relations give a chance to know our countries and peoples more deeply, on the one hand, and open new opportunities for the development of relations in the economic and humanitarian spheres, on the other. In November this year, following the initiative from France, the first sitting of the France-Azerbaijan Interregional Cooperation Forum will be held in Ganja, an old city of Azerbaijan. Without doubt, meetings held in such a format will significantly stimulate the friendly relations between our countries. 


Every time we come to Cannes, we see your hospitality. City residents are showing great interest towards the Azerbaijani culture. This is why such events – Days of Azerbaijani Culture- have become a tradition in Cannes. I would like to thank former mayor of Cannes Bernard Brochand and present mayor of Cannes David Lisnard for the support and assistance they have provided to preparing for our events.


I am glad to see here members of the Association of Friends of Azerbaijan that deliver the true facts about Azerbaijan to the French public, and its president Mister Jean-Francois Mansel tonight among us. I appreciate this association’s activity very highly. I wish you successes in this significant work.


Dear Friends, as you know, last month, the first European Games in Azerbaijan had a huge success. Last year, first presentation of these games aboard took place in Cannes. Held on the level of Summer Olympic Games, these Games opened a new page in the history of European Olympic movement. With great feeling of pride, I would like to note that the national team of Azerbaijan took the second place among all European countries with 56 medals, 21 being gold.  It is pleasing to know that France, a friendly country to us, had been represented with 245 sportsmen and took the fifth place, having won 43 medals. I would like to sincerely  congratulate all the French sportsmen on this victory. 


Along with being a holiday of sports, the first European Games held in Baku became a holiday of friendship and solidarity, having brought all the peoples of Europe together. Of course, we are very glad to know that both sportsmen and official sports community, and guests of our capital did not want to leave Baku after the Games were over. Every our guest talked about the hospitality of the people of Azerbaijan.


Playing the role of a bridge between the East and West, Europe and Asia, Azerbaijan will hold the Islamic Solidarity Games in 2017.  And this will be another contribution that our country will maketo intercultural dialogue. 


Dear Friends, tonight, Azerbaijan officially starts its participation in the international “Pyrotechnics Art” Festival, which has been held in the city of Cannes since 1967. In my opinion, the fact that our country joins this festival today – on the National Holiday of France – has a profound symbolic meaning. Let the fireworks decorating tonight the sky of Cannes be a symbol of friendship between France and Azerbaijan.


Dear Friends, taking this opportunity, I invite you the opening of an exhibition entitled “Azerbaijani Carpets in Art” to be held in the Palaceof Festivals, and Azerbaijan’s ethnic and jazz concert.


I would like to once more express my profound respect and love for you. Congratulations on your national holiday. Enjoy your night.


Thank you.

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