December 29, 2016

Traditional festivity for children

On December 29, the Heydar Aliyev Foundation arranged a traditional festivity for children at Buta Palace, on the occasion of the World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day and the New Year.


President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva, Vice-president Leyla Aliyeva and Arzu Aliyeva attended the festivity arranged for children.


Mehriban Aliyeva addressed the festivity:


- Esteemed teachers, parents, masters of art, dear children.


The year 2016 is nearing the end. Today, we are welcoming the Year 2017 together. I am very happy the Heydar Aliyev Foundation has for 12 years arranged New Year festivities for children living, being educated at all children’s homes, boarding schools of the capital. New Year is one of the most beloved holidays both of children and elderly. Usually, people celebrate this holiday together with relatives. I am very glad we are welcoming the Year 2017 together, as a big family.


Dear children, at this time of your life, your primary duty must be to study well, and gain knowledge and skills. I am hopeful you have finished this year with good marks and, most importantly, with new knowledge. You have a great life path ahead of you. In order to become a decent, healthy, knowledgeable and skilful person and a patriot on this life path, you have to study well, using all your abilities. On this path, your teachers are helping you. Today, I would like to mention the endeavours of all teachers. All professions are valuable and good. But, the profession of a teacher is such a profession that its product is a human. We know that every country, every society’s future depends on their new generation. Therefore, the profession of a teacher is the holiest and most glorious profession. Teacher’s duties are not confined to only teaching one subject, giving knowledge. Teacher’s endeavours are aimed at educating a citizen with high culture, national and spiritual values, being worthy of his people, Homeland, and a patriot. I am sure, dear children, you will grow up just like these people. We wish to see you as spiritually and physically healthy, knowledgeable, cultured, and strong-willed patriots. You were born in independent Azerbaijan and are growing up in independent Azerbaijan. This is your greatest happiness.


In 2016, Azerbaijan celebrated the 25th anniversary of its state independence. This is our great wealth. Azerbaijan has been on a great and glorious path during these years, has reached great achievements, and great victories. We are proud of Azerbaijan’s being an independent, mighty state, with its worthy place on the world map, having a say, and being able to defend its interests. The outgoing year will remain in our memories with pleasant moments, new achievements, new victories, yet hardships, difficult moments, and losses.


Paradise to all who have perished on the path leading to Azerbaijan’s independence, restoration of its territorial integrity, and making our country mightier and stronger. Their dear memory will always live in the hearts of the people of Azerbaijan. You, the young generation, will bring about their acts, their ideas.


I would like to thank Azerbaijan’s masters of art, all singers, actors/actresses who have during 12 years supported us in these festivities. I wish you sound health and new achievements in the New Year.


Dear Friends, I would like to congratulate you on the upcoming World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day and the New Year from the bottom of my heart. I wish you sound health, happiness and new achievements. Let Azerbaijan’s independence live forever, become stronger! Thank you, congratulations!

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