May 10, 2006

A summer camp of Children Home No.1 of Nizami district in Shuvalan settlement was inaugurated

Mehriban Aliyeva attended the inauguration of a summer camp of Children Home No.1 of Nizami district in Shuvalan settlement, May 10.


Summer camp in Shuvalan settlement of children home 1 in Nizami district was not used for long because of unsuitable conditions. Having close familiarization with conditions here in previous visit Mrs Aliyeva advanced the idea to create required conditions for summer rest of children growing at all boarding schools and children homes of Baku. She assigned employees of the Foundation to develop a project on creation of summer camp within wide area by involving experienced experts. After being considered personally by Mehriban Aliyeva the project was adopted together with additions and construction works started immediately. Real child city station was created in short time. The pool covered by green fields, rest corners, tennis courts, color flower bushes are lovely.


Music was playing here. In the yard covered by flowers Mrs Aliyeva was sincerely welcomed by `Azeri` song and dance group of the children home.


Touring all 3 - sleeping, rest and administrative buildings of the camp Mehriban Aliyeva expressed satisfaction for quality of construction works, conditions in the buildings supplied with very modern appliances. She noted her biggest desire is to see such conditions in all children homes and it probably will be so in close years. Because only such convenient conditions and good attitude of trainers, teachers and all sections of society can reduce sorrow of children they feel for not having parents.


Head of the camp Narmina Zohrabova thanked Mrs Aliyeva for presenting such an exemplary city station to them, said this charity will always be remembered, wished happiness to her and her family.


Settlement`s elder Jumshud Muradov expressed gratitude for the high-tensioned transformer recently installed here that is used by surrounding blocks as well.


Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva was photographed with children, residents, body.


On the same day musical party was organized at the camp with participation of children from different children homes and boarding schools of Baku on the birthday of great leader Heydar Aliyev. Popular singers of the country were present in the party.