November 4, 2022

A new building is constructed by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation for Secondary School №118 in Saatly

The new building of the Alisoltanly village school named after Mahammad Aliyev in Saatly district was commissioned.


The school has been operating as an adapted school for 190 pupils. One of the oldest schools of Saatly district, the Alisoltanly village secondary school’s building underwent last repair in 1975. Due to the fact that the over-a-hundred-year-old school building had become useless, a new building for 360 pupils was constructed by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation in the frame work of the project “A new school for new Azerbaijan”. Subject rooms, laboratories and rooms for biology and chemistry, informatics room, a military training room, a labour training room, a library and a reading hall, sports and assembly halls, football and volleyball grounds were created, and a canteen was commissioned and the school’s yard was renovated.

Head of the Saatly District Executive Authority Elmir Baghyrov, head of the Mil-Mughan Regional Education Department Rashad Musayev, representative of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Jamil Aliyev, education workers, the school staff and villagers attended the opening ceremony.


Speakers talked about the high level of attention and care shown by the state of Azerbaijan towards the development of science and education in the country. It was noted that a number of school buildings were constructed and basically repaired by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation so far.


Recently, the Alisoltanly village secondary school has been one of the leading schools of the district. The Alisoltanly village secondary school of Saatly district was among the awarded education establishments who were winners of the contest “Best secondary school” held in the education year 2013-2014 by a Resolution of the Azerbaijani President. Pupils of the school have repeatedly won at subject Olympiads and contests. Pupils of the school have also won at national intellectual competitions. For the last 5 years, over 90 pupils and in the education year 2021-2022, 33 pupils of the school became students of higher schools.


At the end of the ceremony, familiarization with the school took place.