February 28, 2005

A “round table” has taken place in the Heydar Aliyev Foundation devoted to realization of the program “Development of children`s homes and boarding schools”

A "round table" has taken place in the Heydar Aliyev Foundation devoted to realization of the program "Development of children`s homes and boarding schools" in which have taken part heads of the Baku children`s homes and boarding schools, representatives of some ministries and international organizations.


Participants watched the film on realization of the said program in Baku, visiting by the President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva of children`s homes and boarding schools, about meetings with their pupils, the care shown about them, trusteeship has been shown on the part of the head of the Foundation after the outstanding national leader, who, during his long political activity paid indefatigable attention to health of children, future of the nation.


Speaking at the action, President of the Foundation, Goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO Mehriban Aliyeva has noted, that the basic direction of activity of Foundation is to help the vulnerable members of Azerbaijan society - children and teenagers from children`s homes, boarding schools, the juvenile refugees and IDPs, and also children subject to various diseases. For the short period of work, the Foundation has much made in this sphere - competition of young artists on the topic "I love the children" among the pupils of children`s homes and boarding schools, in connection with Day of Knowledge have been distributed school accessories to refugee children, was realized the project "More cares for children sick with diabetes" organizers of which was the Foundation, the Azerbaijan Diabetic Society and the Danish Company "Novo Nordisk", carried out the New Year`s celebrations in the "Gulistan" Palace for refugee children and the children in orphanages and boarding schools, was realized the project "In the name of life without thalassemia" and in its frameworks was created a specialized center and bank of blood.


As informed the President of Foundation, the basic purpose of the "round table" was summarizing the first stage of the project - "Development of children`s homes and boarding schools", discussion of new proposals on prospect of this program. During the first stage, have been examined 25 children`s homes and boarding schools of city, and investigated conditions of life and study in these educational institutions. At the next stage, monitoring of such houses and schools in other regions of republic are expected.


On results of the first stage, the coordinator of program Ilgar Mustafayev reported. Speaking about the basic aspects of the program, he has told, that the plan of activity includes work in sphere of education, public health services, maintenance of hardware of houses and schools, activation of participation of the public in this process. Now, the works are underway on creation at the Foundation of the Resource Center. Within the framework of the program, it is supposed to conduct actions of ecological and social character, festivals, exhibitions, concert programs, celebratory festivities, opening of "Hot line" telephone.


For wider coverage of the course of realization of the program, will be open in the most popular mass media special headings, prepared trailers on TV and radio, and created a website.


The head of the Baku representation of UNICEF in Azerbaijan Ms. Hanaa Singer has noted necessity of establishment of cooperation between this international organization and Azerbaijan, which has joined many international documents concerning the rights of the child. The example of Azerbaijan in solution of problems of children training in these establishments, would be useful for other countries, too, and it will be brought to notice of UNICEF management.

Speaking at the "round table", heads of the Baku houses and boarding schools, shared the problems, first of all have noted necessity of carrying out of radical reconstruction, replacement of the outmoded sanitary equipment and other communications for their establishments. Among the priorities demanding the urgent solution, were named the questions connected to habitation of graduates and their employment.


Also it has been informed that within the framework of the program, the public association "Infotek" plans to give to a number of schools for children with weak sight computers with special monitors, and also creation of computer programs.

Summing up the "round table", President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva has emphasized that the main attention in realization of the program should be given to creation at schools of the conditions as much as possible approached to domestic. In this connection, now is carried out major overhaul at 9 schools, necessary works are carried out on improvement of comfort. The head of Foundation has called all state structures, citizens of Azerbaijan actively to participate in the projects for the children, deprived heat of the family.