June 3, 2005

Round table was held at Heydar Aliyev Foundation on the presentation of program “New school to renewing Azerbaijan”

On June 3 at Heydar Aliyev Foundation round table was held on the presentation of Program "New school to renewing Azerbaijan". opening the action held with participation of reps of republican government, foreign embassies, international humanitarian organizations and non-governmental organizations, President of Foundation, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Mehriban Aliyeva said today we are gathered to the presentation of Program "New school to renewing Azerbaijan" prepared by Foundation. Name of this program reflects its substance. Our country is renewed daily. It is obviously proved by the works done both in our capital and regions. This renovation should cover the education system as well. Young generation of Azerbaijan should possess knowledge, modern technologies, science, integrate to world education system. Major goal of the prepared program is to see every youth of our country more educated, skillful and wider outlook. But while setting such requirements before the growing generation, we must create suitable conditions.

Mehriban Aliyeva noted recently fundamental repair and reconstruction works are implemented by Heydar Aliyev Foundation at children`s homes and boarding schools and these show that progress can be gained in this field in short time. State of material-technical base of rural schools of Azerbaijan was studied well while the program was under preparation. There are schools under hard conditions except very well, exemplary ones.

We have determined 132 schools over the country situation of which are too hard. Video shooting was made at each of these schools and you will be presented now this material. Reconstruction of buildings of those schools till the beginning of coming school year can become the best way to solution of problem. These will be schools with 100, 200 and 400 places. All they will be one-storey buildings. Projects of these buildings have already been ordered by Foundation and will be presented to you today.

Then video shot at those schools were shown.

Giving speech, deputy premier Abid Sherifov, education minister Misir Merdanov, spouse of US Ambassador to our country Lesley Harnish, resident-coordinator of UN to Azerbaijan Marco Borsotti, director of Azerdovletsenayelayihe Institute, honored architect Elkin Elesgerov, emphasized importance of directing the attention of society, respective state structures, rich citizens, foreign companies acting in country to the state of secondary schools of republic, settlement of existing problems, appreciated her activity in this field, said their views on the discussed program.

Closing the interesting discussions, Mehriban Aliyeva said: "Apparently the situation is serious indeed and raised questions, given proposals will be taken into consideration. Foundation that starts the implementation of Program from tomorrow, will build a part of schools due to its own funds, ensure with all the required appliances, put into operation by September 15.

Applying to every organization, international structures, companies, businessmen operating in Azerbaijan, Mehriban Aliyeva invited them to cooperate with Foundation in this important mission. She noted: "Video just shown, all the 132 projects prepared are posted on the website of Heydar Aliyev Foundation. Those intending to partake in this charitable mission are welcomed to apply to the Foundation within coming two weeks".