December 30, 2006

Opening of the United City Hospital in Shuvalan settlement was held

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and his spouse Mehriban Aliyeva attended on December 30 the opening of United City Hospital 31 in Shuvalan settlement of Baku. Medical employees warmly welcomed the President and First Lady, presented them flowers.

President Aliyev cut ribbon symbolizing opening of hospital and got acquaintance with the medical center. This hospital building built in the 50s last century was quite unavailable and fundamental repair works started here since November 2005. Hospital fully reconstructed at the building on initiative of Heydar Aliyev Foundation in frame of plan of actions on acceleration of socio-economic development of Baku City settlements for 2006-07 includes 25 chambers. There is polyclinic as well. The hospital includes gynecology and roentgen departments, new boiler house, laundry, physician rooms, kitchen, reconstructed heat system. The hospital will be available for over 5000 population of Shuvalan and 1535 IDPs temporarily inhabited in the settlement. The center`s medical staff includes 63 people. US-manufactured roentgen, ultrasonic treatment devices and other modern appliances have been installed at the hospital.


President Ilham Aliyev saw departments and chambers at hospital, highly valued works done and said nice conditions have been created.


Minister of health Ogtay Shiraliyev informed on first aid and urgent medical aid centers created in regions upon assignment of President of Azerbaijan: 12 such centers have been created for last 3-4 months and have been supplied in high level. Ambulances reach now the place of incident in 25-30 minutes at most. The very modern ambulances have been given to these centers by state and bp company. They include cardiomonitors, oxygen apparatus, every possibility for treatment and checkup. Helicopter grounds will be created at the centers located along the highway. 198 new workplaces have been opened in new first aid centers that employ 66 doctors. These will be funded not from centralized - local budget but by Ministry of Health.


President Aliyev underlined special signs must be placed along the roads that passengers know places of first aid centers located along highways in the event of accident, also these centers must function in coordination with each other.


President ILHAM ALIYEV met with medical employees and congratulated them:


Happy holiday. Hospital has actually been reconstructed in nice holiday and there is every condition here to work and treat the ills. There is also wonderful yard here. Of course, modern appliance will ease the job of doctors. Job of doctors is very difficult. You help the people physically and morally, and cure them. That is why highest conditions must be provided. Nice hospitals are under construction in different places in Azerbaijan, and these must be created in Baku settlements too. You know that special programme has been adopted on development of Baku settlements. Construction of new hospitals, polyclinics, restoration of old ones in highest level is part of this programme. This wonderful hospital is one of works done in frame of that program.


I wish all the best to the residents in the New Year and no one to get ill. But there are opportunities for treatment if you are ill.


As I am informed, this settlement is populated by 4000 or 5000 people. Now, there is every condition to provide medical service to them. Prior to this, school and other units have been built in the settlement on initiative of Heydar Aliyev Foundation. As if, the settlement has been revived. But on the way here I saw buildings are old. We should renovate these as well. Yes, we should restore old buildings, to have their external and internal looks beautiful.


Happy holiday. Good bye.


Medical employees expressed gratitude to the President for care and attention rendered to those working in field of healthcare, congratulated him on coming holidays and wished him long life and health.