February 8, 2006

President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva was familiarized with construction works implemented in Azizbeyov district of Baku

On February 8 President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, MP Mehriban Aliyeva met with residents in the Bina settlement of Azizbeyov district of Baku to familiarize with the state of settlement of issues raised, implementation of promises she made in the meetings with electors during the election campaign, saw the newly built objects.

The believers gave a warm welcome to Mrs Aliyeva in Mohsun Selim Mosque in Bina settlement. Senior servant at the mosque hajji Mirza Baba informed a part of the mosque built in 1909 due to funds of local oil magnate Mohsun Selim by the master Mirza Melik was destroyed in 1918 as a result of the cannon fires of Armenians. Later the sanctuary was incompletely repaired for a few times.

After personally studying the situation of the mosque in last October at the request of the residents Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva promised to help. Fundamental repair and restoration works are implemented here.

President of the Foundation was acquainted with repair-restoration works, highly valued the work of local masters. Masters and workers said they will strive to restore the previous view of the mosque, to provide the premium repair. Member of Milli Majlis recommended to pay special attention to the construction of heat system of the mosque, noted the chandeliers and carpets suitable to the internal view o the building have been ordered.

The believers thanked Mrs Aliyeva for charitable actions, expressed best wishes and satisfaction of President Ilham Aliyev for his attention to protection of national and religious values.

Electricity supply was one of the most serious problems electors raised during the meetings held in election campaign. In connection with this, according to request of the member of Milli Majlis `Azerenerji` SC started the reconstruction of the supplementary station in the field called `Yeni Bina`.

Mrs Aliyeva, arriving to the station to be familiarized with construction works, was informed the exploitation duration of the object commissioned in 1952 was over. That is why the station was completely reconstructed. 2 transformers of 10 and 16 kilowatt installed here will meet more than half of need for electric energy of Bina settlement. The station is to be commissioned in early March.

The residents of the settlement expressed satisfaction to the MP for the help rendered to remove the energy lack. Pleased of the accomplishment works carried out within the area of the station, Mehriban Aliyeva said she was certain the roads leading here will be repaired. She emphasized President Ilham Aliyev assigned the authorized agencies to develop the program on improvement of gas, light and water supply of settlements located around the city of Baku and this program will soon be approved, its implantation will begin. She noted further increase of energy power of Azerbaijan as the only state of the region possessing energy independence will be a great contribution to permanent supply of population, public and private sector with energy.

Residents in the yard of the kindergarten and children home 70 within the territory of the settlement called Hovsan dairy farm, the collective of this educational and training center warmly greeted Mrs Aliyeva. expressing sincere words on behalf of the residents, teacher of the school 237 Nezakat Mammadova said from the first days of its activity Heydar Aliyev Foundation considered the solution of education problems as one of its major tasks, carried out very valuable works in frame of `New school to new Azerbaijan`, `Development of children homes and boarding schools` programs in the republic including Azizbeyov district. Mrs Aliyeva was familiarized in detail with existing problems in her meetings held in all settlements of the district within election campaign, prepared her proposals on their settlement, the programs were developed and implemented by the Foundation led by her. Water lack, the biggest problem of the settlement, was solved and just because of this Mehriban Aliyeva has become a lovely of every family, the residents once again made sure they have elected the worthiest deputy.

Mrs Aliyeva underlined construction of new education and medical centers is widespread in the republic over the last years, 132 schools meeting the modern standards were built and commissioned last year in the republic by initiative of the Foundation, more 100 will be built this year, 50 of which will be constructed in Baku. She noted this big program will involve Azizbeyov district as well. Thanking for the warm words and trust shown to her Mrs Aliyeva said every issue raised will attentively studied and actions will be taken. She said material and technical base of the schools will be renovated in coming 2-3 years, every kind of conditions will be created to provide high-level education to our children.

A group of teachers of the school 136 in Bina settlement invited Mehriban Aliyeva to their school. The member of the parliament informed the employees of the Foundation found out as a result of the monitoring they held that this school also needs the basic repair and this has been taken into consideration in the program developed, said she absolutely will visit this school.

Listening with patience to the desires and appeals on different issues of the residents Mehriban Aliyeva gave relevant assignments to the employees of the Foundation.

Then President of the Foundation was familiarized with repair works ongoing in the kindergarten. She noted all the works required for changing this education and training center, which has not been repaired for long time, to the exemplary institution will be done, new appliances will be provided to the center.

Another meeting of Mehribhan Aliyeva in Bina took place in the construction yard of the gateway of the settlement. The constructors sincerely welcomed the distinguished guest. They regretted that none of the major Baku settlements has so far the gateway in the main entry, expressed delight that initiator of removal of this problem is President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva. Author and performer of the project said the 7-m gateway covering 25 sq.m will be built in national architectural style. Green grass will be built within 200 sq.m around, flowers will be planted, benches placed.

Highly valuing the advices of Mrs Aliyeva, the constructors said the construction works would be completed the next month.

The same day President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, MP Mehriban Aliyeva arrived to Turkan, Zira and Shuvalan settlements of the district.

The first meeting of Mehriban khanum Aliyeva in Turkan took place at the construction square of the entry to the settlement. Constructors sincerely met dear guest. There are not any arcs at the entrances to the large settlements alongside Baku and the initiative over their construction was raised by President of the Foundation of Heydar Aliyev Mehriban khanum Aliyeva. Author of the project and executor of the works said that two cupolas connected with arc will be built at the entrance of the settlement. These cupolas will be constructed in the national architectural style. The alongside territories will be greened and flowers will be planted on it, benches will be laid.

Constructors stated that they would take into consideration Mehriban khanum`s recommendations and would complete construction works by the next month.

Overhaul reconstruction of the kindergarten number 14 in the settlement of Turkan was also a result of the promise given by Mehriban khanum Aliyeva at the pre-election meetings. Mehriban khanum was satisfied with the work carried out in short time in the building constructed in 1933, which hadn`t been refurbished for many years. In the part of the building with large square, by personal recommendation of Mehriban khanum it was decided to open station of ambulance and drug store. This will become considerable input in the business of provision of the habitants of the settlement with medical service.

Those who gathered in front of the kindergarten noted that they were happy to meet with Mehriban khanum, positively estimated the work she was carrying out on her initiative, in particular in case of construction of the roads in the settlement, expressed their thanks for keeping her promises given at pre-election campaign. They also congratulated president of the Foundation on the occasion of being selected "A Person of the Year - 2005".

First lady said: lots of building for effective conduction of free time of the youth, houses of celebrations for the wedding parties and other festivals, large trade center for the favor of population will be constructed in Turkan. Proposals of the habitants will be taken into account when the places for constructions will be selected, projects will be worked out. I will be following course of the construction works and will be participating in the opening ceremony.

Then, Mehriban khanum Aliyeva noted that by decree of President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev large scale program covering social and economic development of the settlements alongside Baku, opening of new working places, improvement of water, gas and energy supply was being developed. This program will give new stimuli to the wide-sided development of Azizbekov region, the Turkans will see the real fruits as well.

Mehriban khanum who started her current trip with Zira, the place where arc entrance to the settlement is being construction, was informed that habitants showed interest to the construction, come there often, offer their assistance. This arc with its exceptional view will be different from others. The territory alongside it will be greened, sprint waters will be construction, benches will be laid. Construction works will be constructed by Novruz bayram.

Habitants of the settlement met Mehriban khanum Aliyeva with flowers at the recently constructed monument of the brave oil worker Abdulhasan Babayev who died in the Caspian when fulfilling his service duties. They expressed their thanks to Mehriban khanum that she responded to all of their repeals, assisted in the construction of monument, conduction of surgery operations abroad to three young habitants of the settlement and their returning to the Motherland. Having said that they will be always supporting internal and foreign policy of President Ilham Aliyev, habitants said that they were proud with the activity of Mehriban khanum as a deputy, wished her and members of her family sound health, happiness, new successes in the name of progress of our nation and independence of the state.

Having put alive carnations MEHRIBAN KHANUM ALIYEVA appealed to the people and said:

- Many thanks that you supported me at the parliamentary elections, voted for me. I am very happy to see all of you. The work that is being carried out in your settlement as well as the region is only the beginning. The main work is in future. New schools, objects of health will be constructed. As you are aware, last year by initiative of the Foundation of Heydar Aliyev 132 schools were constructed and put into exploitation in the regions of our republic. This year we are planning to construct nearly 100 schools, with more than a half to be constructed in Baku and alongside regions. Besides, by decree of the head of our state wide governmental program for the solution of the water, gas, energy supply and other community problems in the capitals of the settlements is being developed. In two months this program will be approved and its implementation will start.

I know that gas shortage takes place in Zirya. With realization of the program this issue will be fully resolved. This problem paralyzed life of neighbor countries but situation at our place has improved considerably. We even were able to help our neighbors. Starting from this year we will be receiving funds from the export of oil. As the head of our state was saying those funds would be directed to the improvement of the financial welfare of the nation, realization of the social projects, creation of new infrastructure. I know that there are not any festival houses in Zirya, there are not places of cultural rest of the youth, there is a demand in big trade center. Local habitants will be dealing with the construction of those projects, which will give more opportunities for the improvement of their financial status, new working places will open. Diagnostic center and hospital will be opened. This has been taken into consideration in the state program. I will be also intending that those issues will find their solution soon.

78-year old Badam Badalova greatly respected among the people who had worked as a secretary of the settlement council for many years and then deputy director of the kindergarten thanked Mehriban khanum and invited her to her house in Zirya. Mehriban khanum promised that she would become her guest next time. And now Badam met her at the gates of her house with the feeling of happiness and thanked first lady of Azerbaijan with the kindest words who kept all her promises. Mehriban khnaum asked how the woman felt herself, her life, made kind wishes to her family and presented some gifts. Warm discussion took place at the tea table.

Mehriban khanum said good bye to Badam. Neighbors impressed with her sincerity also thanked her, highly evaluated her work and blessed.

Mehriban khanum listened the appeals and wishes of the habitants of the settlement, ordered employees of the Foundation to study in details all raised issues and inform her about that.

On the same day president of the Foundation of Heydar Aliyev, UNESCO ambassador of good will, deputy Milli Majlis Mehriban khanum Aliyeva visited Shuvelyan region as well.

President of the Foundation visited twice house of infants and kindergarten number 10 in this settlement and noted about importance of full refurbishment, overhaul reconstruction of the educational institute located in two-floor building built in 1953. She was also saying that required assistance would be provided. In the project documents prepared in accordance with the view of the specialists important of the building from architectural standpoint was taking into consideration as well as important of maintenance of its original face. The refurbishment works that had been carried out here from the end of last year, as well as reconstruction works had been speeded up. Roof covering had been replaced, strengthening works of the fundament had been carried out. Mehriban khanum Aliyeva stated her recommendations to the constructors and noted about important of soonest completion of the refurbishment works and its putting into exploitation of the children.

Teachers of the kindergarten and other people who gathered here including parents stated their gratitude to Mehriban khanum who gifted second life to the building that was in unacceptable condition, estimated overhaul works and reconstruction at the level of modern requirements in the framework of "Development of the children`s houses and boarding schools" program meeting modern requirements and providing required equipment of number of companies in Shuvalan, where the children are studied who need special care, as witness of endless gratitude, humanism, love to the Motherland and nation. They noted that the works carried out due to the kind attitude, care of Mehriban khanum who represent them in the parliament bring happiness to thousands of families.

Mehriban khanum who thanked for the kind words stated that programs "Development of children`s houses and boarding schools" carried out in the framework of the Foundation of Heydar Aliyev would be continued in future as well. She said: economic potential of our country is strengthening, budget incomes are growing, the government is developing and realizing consequently wide social projects. The foundation that carries out name of our national leader also provides support in this. Last year new buildings for 132 schools that were in totally unusable condition were constructed in the regions of the republic. This year 100 additional schools will be constructed, the half of which will be in Baku. These schools will be also supplied with new equipment meeting modern standards. Since the last year Foundation of Heydar Aliyev had started realization of the wide project over provision of the outcome at the information-communication technologies for the blind people and people with poor sight abilities. The project will cover such schools in the settlement of Shuvalan.

Familiarization with the reconstruction of the hospital number 3 in the massive of the GRES settlement "Shimal" started from the meeting with the medical employees and habitants.

They noted that the projects "Big care about children who have diabetics illness", "In the name of talassemiya deceased", "New school to the renewing Azerbaijan", "Development of the children`s houses and boarding schools" etc. are highly evaluated in the community. Along with that they said that they were proud with the activity of the first lady of country as a deputy, who they were voting for in the previous parliamentary elections, thanked for the implementation of the pre-election promises, consequent attention and attitude to the solution of problems. They also thanked her for the initiative about reconstruction of the hospital .

Mehriban khanum Aliyeva informed that recently deep reforms developed for the wide projects had stated in the system of the health, new infrastructure was being developed that would meet modern requirements. It was also said that with a decree of President Ilham Aliyev wide governmental program over solution of the social problems alongside Baku settlements was being developed, the realization of which would allow to absorb shortage in Azizbekov region. Having stated her regret about lack of opportunity to organize required medical servicing in that village, Mehriban khanum said that number of departments would be opened in the building, modern medical equipment would be purchased and installed, the hospital would be fully set up with the qualified doctors. In the State program that is being prepared also construction of diagnostic center will be taken into consideration.

Mehriban khanum Aliyeva who became acquainted with the reconstruction works in the building of the hospital noted about importance of sharing special attention to the quality of the works and ordered employees of the Foundation to come here and inform them about the course of work.

Summer camp of the children`s house number 1 of Nizami region in Shuvalan has been fully reconstructed in accordance with the program of "Development of children`s houses and boarding schools" developed by the Foundation of Heydar Aliyev. The projectors and constructors informed in details Mehriban khanum about the projected works. It was also noted that two -floor bedroom, education crop, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, cabinet of medical research etc. would be constructed, sports-health corner, center of recreation would be worked out. New equipment was ordered, greening works are being carried out. This object covers 45 people and will be put into exploitation by May 10th.

After detailed familiarization with the old pictures of subsidiary buildings and new project documents Mehriban khanum Aliyeva gave a proposal that the camp had to function in autumn-winter season, asked what should be done with this regard. After exchange of views it was noted about realization of number of measures within the complex, in particular new projected heating system. In connection with it, president of Foundation ordered to carry out corresponding work in the shortest time line.

First lady of the country asked about problems of the constructors, wished them success and noted that she considered deserve to put into exploitation the project before the birthday of the national leader Heydar Aliyev and informed that she would take participation in the ceremony of its opening.