April 27, 2016

Second plenary session on the topic “Innovative Methods in Social Integration” is held in the framework of the Baku Global Forum

The second plenary session on the topic “Innovative Methods in Social Integration” took place, April 27, in the framework of the 7th Global Forum of the UN Alliance of Civilizations.


Azerbaijan’s First Lady, President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, UNESCO and ISESCO Goodwill Ambassador Mehriban Aliyeva addressed the plenary session.


Moderator of the plenary session, president of the United Nations Correspondents Association Giampaolo Pioli said that social integration remains to be a problem of not only  less developed, but also developed countries. In this sense, it would be very interesting to know the opinion of experts of this issue and become acquainted with researches being carried out in this sphere.


Founder and representative of the San Patrignano Association Letizia Moratti thanked the government of Azerbaijan for such a high-level organization of the event. She said solution of existing problems on the way of building an inclusive society depended, first of all, on securing employment of the youth. This would, first of all, keep the youth away from bad addictions, and make them abstain from committing bloody acts the world has been concerned about. Moreover, securing gender equality and more seriously approaching the migration issue contributes to removing obstacles on the way of building inclusive societies. L.Moratti noted that solution of these problems is possible first of all in places where they exist, and  putting social problems through a rehabilitation process would reduce the risk of recurrence of such cases.


Spain’s former foreign minister Miguel Ángel Moratinos thanked the government of Azerbaijan for arranging this event. He thanked also Mehriban Aliyeva for her extensive speech. Former minister said building a dialogue between civilizations was one of the serious tasks the world should focus on. It was mentioned that social activity was of much significance in accomplishing this mission. For example, saying that preventing terrorism on a global scale should be a number one issue in political programmes, M.Moratinos noted that he was confident the Baku Declaration of the 7th Global Forum would contribute to solution of all issues facing us.


Turkey’s former minister for the European Union Egemen Bağış said that the Baku Forum once more testified that peace and dialogue between civilizations were possible. As to social integration, citing Armenia as an example, he underscored the importance of this country’s making steps towards restoring peace with Azerbaijan. Otherwise, social problems arising in Armenia will result in citizens’ leaving the country and increase in poverty further. Informing of social programmes being carried out in Turkey, Egemen Bağış said family should be placed at the centre of all social programmes.  


Then the session continued in discussions. Speakers put forward a platform of developing education further, as the main principle of social integration, and talked about the necessity of applying innovative technologies in this sphere.