October 23, 2017

Azerbaijan Changing DiabetesTM Awards to be presented in the field of combating pancreatic diabetes

The Heydar Aliyev Foundation and “Novo Nordisk” Company embarked on the implementation of a joint project with a view to raising awareness among the population of combatting pancreatic diabetes.   


In the framework of the project, an award has been instituted, for the first time in Azerbaijan, for people distinguished in combatting pancreatic diabetes.


In our country, awards will be presented in four nominations, in the framework of the project “Azerbaijan Changing DiabetesTM Awards”, following the joint initiative of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and “Novo Nordisk”.


Winners in each nomination will be determined on the following criteria.


1. Best young researcher of the year


In this nomination, young researchers, being authors of researches and articles on pancreatic diabetes, participants of scientific conferences and workshops who have participated in events of the International Diabetes Federation will be given preference.  


2. Best doctor of the year


Physicians using innovative methods in treating pancreatic diabetes, active participants of scientific conferences and workshops, displaying initiative to switch their patients to insulin in the early phase of their treatment according to contemporary protocols, who have patients whose HbA1c index are under strict control will be given preference.


3. Best journalist of the year


Authors of articles related to combatting pancreatic diabetes, including enlightening materials about the diabetes, as well as journalists participating in events associated with pancreatic diabetes may apply. Authors of articles advocating improvement of lifestyles of patients with pancreatic diabetes, as well as those dedicated to costs of treatment of pancreatic diabetes and optimization thereof shall be given preference.


4. Best educator of the year


In this nomination, persons who have conducted high quality trainings on diabetes to patients with pancreatic diabetes will be awarded.


Winners of the award will receive interesting presents.


Applicants on the above-mentioned nominations may send their applications on acda2017@novonordisk.com. In doing so, the applicants are requested to attach their biography, detailed information about themselves and documents complying with the nomination to the application.


Applications will be received from 23rd October to 1st November. Thereafter, a Jury comprised of experts will determine winners on each nomination, having analysed the applications filed.


The award “Azerbaijan Changing DiabetesTM Awards” will be presented at a ceremony to be held in November.




Each year, millions of people pass away from pancreatic diabetes, while hundreds of millions are suffering from this disease. According to the statistics provided by the International Diabetes Federation, at the moment, about 415 million people in the world are living with diabetes, and probably this figure will increase up to 640 million till the year 2040. About half of the people with diabetes do not know that they have this illness. At the moment, over 200 thousand people with diabetes have been diagnosed in Azerbaijan.  


The Heydar Aliyev Foundation joined the World Diabetes Campaign in 2007. The Foundation has been implementing various projects aiming to turn the society’s attention to pancreatic diabetes, a source of serious threat for health, and increase efforts for its prevention. Serious support is provided particularly to ensure that children with diabetes receive quality medical treatment. The Heydar Aliyev Foundation, giving fundamental support to the state care of those suffering from pancreatic diabetes, takes also close part in protecting our health, and the gene pool.  


“Novo Nordisk” is a world renowned company using the latest technologies in the treatment of pancreatic diabetes, with almost a century-long history. “Novo Nordisk” has been providing its support to millions of people living with diabetes all over the world, and those who carry in themselves the risk of being ailing with diabetes. Along with being a leading company in production of high-quality medicines, “Novo Nordisk” contributes also to improving the lifestyles of people suffering from pancreatic diabetes.