August 31, 2018

Presentation takes place at the Baku Book Centre for the intelligentsia and public figures

Presentation took place at the Baku Book Centre for the intelligentsia and public figures.


The guests were given information about the Baku Book Centre’s directions of activity, and projects and events to be implemented.


Director of the Baku Book Centre Gunel Rzayeva sincerely thanked First Vice-president of the Republic of Azerbaijan, President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva for endowing our people with such a cultural and literary institution. “I would very much like this project to last long and play one of the primary roles in enlightening the future generations and, instilling in them love for reading”, - said Gunel Rzayeva.


Executive Director of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Anar Alakbarov talked about the projects implemented by the Foundation in Azerbaijan, at the same time, works carried out towards ensuring that the youth show more interest in education and books, expressing confidence that this would be long lasting. Mentioning the libraries functioning in Heydar Aliyev centres in regions, Anar Alakbarov particularly emphasized the role of Mehriban Aliyeva in the creation of the Baku Book Centre, noting that she has shown high-level attention to all the processes happening around it. Saying “We had long dreamed of creating a book centre in Baku that would enjoy high-level possibilities and accommodate various publications. I think we have accomplished what we wanted”, - Anar Alakbarov noted that the Baku Book Centre would be interesting for everyone.


Anar Alakbarov said the Baku Book Centre would be open for all, where free entrance of people with physical disabilities has been ensured. It was brought to attention that a corner is functioning in the Book Centre for people with poor vision. The Centre accommodates a reading hall, corners for people with poor vision, and children, a place to hold various presentations of literary and cultural nature, as well as an education corner for those engaging in research activity.


Chairperson of the Azerbaijan Writers Union, People’s Writer Anar and Secretary of the Azerbaijan Writers Union, People’s Writer Chingiz Abdullayev addressed the event.


A video was shown about the Baku Book Centre at the end of the presentation.


Created following the Heydar Aliyev Foundation’s initiative, the Baku Book Centre’s primary objective is to ensure that more people show interest towards reading. Bestsellers of the world literature in Azerbaijani and in the languages of other peoples, albums related to culture, guidebooks for tourists, music books and notes too will be sold at the Centre. Over ten thousand books will be presented here in various languages and genres.


While working on the project of the Baku Book Centre, along with ensuring that book-lovers have a chance to get various publications, special attention was paid to every aspect to make sure that there are all necessary conditions for spending free time efficiently.


Information may be obtained on the monitors installed in the Centre about new books. At the same time, information may also be obtained about the books being sold in the Centre using sensory monitors.


Publications of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation on individual spheres are presented to readers at the Baku Book Centre.


Here will periodically be held various book presentations, meetings with writers, poets, cultural and art figures, as well as master classes. Moreover, holding of reading days to instil into children and juveniles interest for reading, as well as language courses and other events are intended to organize at the centre.


Along with book selling, here also functions a cafe called “Coffeemood”. While resting in the cafe, visitors will have a chance to become acquainted with books and magazines available at the centre.


Along with various publications, visitors of the Book Centre will have a chance to buy souvenirs of the national brand “I Love Baku” related to Azerbaijan, and products of “Azermarka”.


The Baku Book Centre will function in three languages, and readers will be able to order books through this website. Novelties in the Centre may be followed also on “Facebook” and “Instagram” pages: