January 28, 2023

An Azerbaijani pavilion is inaugurated within the framework of a snow polo in Saint Moritz

An Azerbaijani pavilion was inaugurated with the organizational support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation within the 38th World Snow Polo held in the city of Saint Moritz, Switzerland.


At the World Cup competitions on snow polo launched on January 27, Azerbaijan is represented by the team Land of Fire, supported by the Equestrian Federation of Azerbaijan. In the first tournament of the competitions, our team gained a right to compete at the semi-finals, and Land of Fire dedicated this victory to chief lieutenant Orkhan Asgerov who was killed trying to prevent a terrorist attack committed at the Azerbaijani Embassy in Iran.


Hundreds of visitors are going to watch the tournament within the framework of the competitions, which will continue until January 29, and over the course of these days, information about Azerbaijan’s history, culture and rich tourism capacity will be presented to the guests, by displaying exhibits, at the Azerbaijani pavilion. On the first day of the pavilion were presented national garments, carpets and silk art, national music instruments, various examples of craftsmanship, including a kelaghayi with 150-year history that aroused much interest. Various archaeological finds, old types of art existing on the territory of Azerbaijan, including examples of pottery, are displayed and masterclasses organized at the pavilion.  


Visitors were also presented publications by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation covering various fields.


Here, visitors may become familiar with the Azerbaijani cuisine and taste delicious dishes. Various national brands of Azerbaijan are also presented at the pavilion. Information is given here about the viticulture and wine-making in the country, and visitors may taste wines of Meysari brand. There are also displayed items of jewellery, examples of modern art by the brand “Resm” and “IRS” Gallery that eternalize historical traditions, as well as golden and silver coins provided by “AzerGold” CJSC.


And today will be organized the traditional evening called “Baku-Moritz Night”. The ceremony “Baku-Moritz Polo Award” will be held during the event. Renowned Azerbaijani pianist Etibar Asadli, currently residing in France, will perform as a special guest of the evening, with the organizational support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation.