February 22, 2024

Azerbaijan`s National Day organized at Doha Expo 2023

Azerbaijan`s National Day has been arranged today as part of the International Horticultural Expo 2023 Doha held in Qatar, gathering officials from Azerbaijan and Qatar, along with ambassadors from about 60 countries accredited in Qatar.


Co-organized by the Heydar Aliyev Center and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, Azerbaijan's participation in the expo is represented by a national pavilion under the theme "Green Desert, Better Environment." This theme aims to inspire the international community to explore and adopt innovative solutions for desertification mitigation.


As a part of the National Day organized at the "Doha Expo", the delegation led by Assistant to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Anar Alakbarov has met with Qatari officials to discuss the experience of Azerbaijan and successful participation in the Doha Expo 2023.


Addressing the opening event, Assistant to the President, Director of the Heydar Aliyev Center Anar Alakbarov touched upon the Azerbaijan-Qatar relations, which are based on mutual respect and cooperation. He highlighted the significance of Azerbaijan's National Day at the expo and expressed hope that the International Horticultural Expo would contribute to addressing climate change, a pressing global issue.


Alakbarov also underscored Azerbaijan's efforts to address global climate change issues, including the upcoming COP29 scheduled to be held in Baku this November. He thanked Qatar for organizing such a successful platform in Doha and emphasized the close relations between the two nations based on mutual friendship, respect, and shared values.


Hailing Azerbaijan`s hosting of COP29, Chief Commissioner of Doha Expo 2023 Bader bin Omar Al Dafa underscored that Azerbaijan actively partners with the United Arab Emirates, which hosted COP28, and Brazil, the host country for COP30, to improve sustainability and cooperation in international discussions on climate change issues. The Chief Commissioner of Doha Expo 2023 also touched upon Azerbaijan`s economic progress and accomplishments.


Then, the event saw performances by People's Artist Azer Zeynalov, the folk dance troupe and mugham singers. Additionally, a photo exhibition showcasing Azerbaijan's mesmerizing nature and historical monuments was presented, along with displays of Azerbaijani culture, including folk crafts and national costumes, in the Azerbaijani pavilion.