June 1, 2024

A Child Festival is held in the Heydar Aliyev Center’s park

On June 1st, the International Day for Protection of Children, a Child Festival was held in the park of the Heydar Aliyev Center.


At the Festival, jointly organized by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, the Heydar Aliyev Center and the Ministry of Science and Education, children from different age groups spent their free time efficiently, having chosen entertainment types according to the interests, and demonstrated their talents.


The Center’s park was divided into zones by themes and types of entertainment. Being main characters of the Day, children were presented interesting and different types of entertainment, as well as educating programmes.


Children of martyrs fallen for the Homeland, inhabitants of children’s homes of Baku, as well as children with Down syndrome attended the Child Festival.  


A concert programme was presented by young talents on a stage built in a specially allocated for children zone. Dance group “Azeri Injileri”, “Jujelerim” Song and Dance Ensemble of the Child-Youth Development Centre, children of the Social Services Agency, “Sama” Dance Ensemble, “Tebessum” Child Music Theatre, “Zirve” Dance Ensemble and members of Child-Youth Development Centre No.3 and Child Fine Arts School No.3 performed at the stage.  


In the ecological zone created by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources and “EkoSfera” Social Ecological Centre (SEM) were organized a child enlightening programme related to the “Solidarity Year for a Green World” and COP29 event to be held in the country, as well as a round table, quiz programmes and interactive games on the themes of climate changes and monitoring of the environment in the format of “pre-COP29”. Ecological master classes entitled “Second life to wastes”, start-ups on the theme “Green energy”, as well as the role of drones and robots in safeguarding the environment were shown.


With a view to advocating for sports and healthy lifestyle among the youth, attention was paid also to creating zones related to various types of sports at the Center’s park.

On these grounds, training on tables tennis and competitions among children were held by the Table Tennis Federation of Azerbaijan, giving children a chance to participate in chess competitions, master classes on football, and demonstrate their skills and abilities.


Considering each child’s favourite character, faces of the little visitors were decorated to look like characters of animated films using the Face Art. Reviving characters of animated films, animators organized for children a tour to the fairy tale world, their meeting with favourite characters, and entertainment with them.


In an area allocated for the “Street art”, children drew pictures on the asphalt.


Trainings were organized for children by the Azerbaijan Automobile Federation on traffic rules, and a rally was arranged using small cars in the park of the Heydar Aliyev Center.


The Baku Book Centre and the F. Kocharli Child Library organized a meeting with authors of child literature, and a reading hour for children.


On an archaeological ground, children conducted conditional researches, and discovering models of various archaeological finds, researched them.


A travel to the animal world, acquainting the underage with models of Safari wild animals and their enlightenment through interactive games were made possible in the Safari Tour zone.


Shown interest by the youth, the PlayStation Zone also operated at the Festival.


On the International Children’s Day, their health too was not overlooked. To operate in the park, the Liv Bona Dea Hospital carried out a free-of-charge eye examination for children.


Thus, being placed at the disposal of children both as a space for entertainment and creativity, the park of the Heydar Aliyev Center made them experience unforgettable moments.