February 1, 2005

President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva visits boarding school 16 for children with poliomyelitis and consequences of brain paralysis in Shuvalan settlement

On February 1, President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Mehriban Aliyeva visited boarding school 16 for children with poliomyelitis and consequences of brain paralysis in Shuvalan settlement of Azizbeyov district of Baku.

Children and teachers sincerely welcomed distinguished guest. Director Allahverdi Veliyev informed President of Foundation that school was illegally deprived a part of its territory in 1985. Using the illegality created in country in 1991-1992, some persons privatized big part of territory of school.

MEHRIBAN ALIYEVA: Has not the situation been changed since then?

GULAGA ISLAMOV (Head of Azizbeyov District Executive Power): Yes, it has not. We do not permit them to construct.

MEHRIBAN ALIYEVA: Do they want to build?!

GULAGA ISLAMOV: Yes, but we do not let because it is illegal. Their documents should be repealed by court decision. It is possible in base of appeal of school leadership.

ALLAHVERDI VELIYEV: It is more than 50 years that this territory belongs to school.

MEHRIBAN ALIYEVA: Perhaps they have bought this territory illegally, but it has to be repealed legally.

ALLAHVERDI VELIYEV: School has 225 pupils, 63 teachers. 190 children live here, the rest are taken homes by parents. All works done here were possible due to care of You and our dear President. Repair works were realized in high level in 2000 on Your personal support and school was equipped with appliance. Now we have no problem. Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva saw exhibition of handworks of children, photo points showing past and presence of school as well exhibition titled "Independence of Azerbaijan is constant and eternal", walked groups where children, needing special care and outside help, pass classes, was familiarized with capacity of talented children, visited primary classes. President of Foundation said that I visit over the last days boarding schools, they have very bad circumstances. I face bad circumstance everywhere I go. But I came here and was a bit glad that there is such a beautiful circumstance here.

Teachers expressed their satisfaction that children had many successes after repeal of school, shown care. All 7 pupils we sent to sport competition of ill children held 2 years ago in Dublin city of Ireland, returned with golden medals. After 2 months, due to help of Special Olympic Committee, 9 people will go to Japan to take part in competitions on field hockey. We will be always grateful to You and our dear President.

MEHRIBAN ALIYEVA: These are our children, they are very native for me. Children, youth are bright future of our people, independent Azerbaijan Republic.

UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador saw domestic and classrooms of school, listened to song sang by children in act hall, was taken memory picture with them. Then she took interest in quality of meals, warehouse of food, stated necessity for repair of dining-room.