September 15, 2005

Heydar Aliyev Foundation congratulates the day of knowledge of idp pupils

Reps of Heydar Aliyev Foundation visited on September 15 the schools in the city stations within Sabirabad and Bilasuvar districts where IDPs are inhabited, congratulated the pupils on the Day of Knowledge, presented gifts to the first-formers.

Pupils of the schools 26 and 27 of Fuzuli district, 16 of Zangilan district, of Demshalag and Chereken villages of Jabrayil district located in Galagayin village of Sabirabad district welcomed the guests by performing the state hymn of Azerbaijan.

In the ceremony dedicated to the Day of Knowledge speeches were made by Vefadar Bagirov, deputy head of Sabirabad District Executive Power, Ulker Huseynova, principal of school 27, Jalal Guliyev, principal of Demshalag village school, parent Sudabe Aliyeva. In their speeches they said like in all other fields in education also policy of Heydar Aliyev is continued by President Ilham Aliyev. `Program on the supply of general educational schools of the Republic of Azerbaijan with information and communication technologies` confirmed with his Order dated 21 August 2004 serves the growth of quality of education in our country by using the new information technologies. Speakers emphasized President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Mehriban Aliyeva gives big contributions to the development of education in the republic, specially in school construction. The Program `New school to New Azerbaijan` that is adopted by her initiative is successfully carried out.

Speakers expressed gratitude to President Ilham Aliyev and his spouse for their attention and concern about education and training of young generation.

Giving the sincere greetings of Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva to the ceremony participants, Anar Elekberov, executive director of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, said 100 of 132 schools having built due to funds of the Foundation in different regions are being put into operation today. Our employees preferred meeting with IDP pupils to partaking in opening ceremonies and have come here. It is desire of Mrs Aliyeva. Our visits to Galagayin have become tradition as we were here on the Day of Knowledge last year.

Executive director congratulated the pupils and teachers on the start of the new school year and Day of Knowledge.

Bags and school appliances were gifted to the first-formers on behalf of the Foundation and school uniforms on behalf of Dovletgachginkom. Book about activities of Heydar Aliyev Foundation was presented to the libraries of the schools.

364 pupils get education at the secondary school 8 in Bilasuvar settlement 6 where IDPs from Jabrayil are inhabited. 40 teachers are involved in their training. 8 graduates of the school entered this year higher and secondary professional schools.

The ceremony here was opened by head of District`s Executive Power Mahmud Guliyev. He said architect of the settlements Jabrayil people are located is national leader Heydar Aliyev. Unfortunately he could not take part in openings of none of 6 settlements. Worthy continuer of the way of our genius leader Mr Ilham Aliyev, who was Premier at the time, carried this out. It was also his meeting with his electors on the eve of Presidential elections.

M.Guliyev underlined even if Jabrayil district is under occupation, its education lives and develops due to teachers. 177 graduates of the district`s schools entered this year different higher and secondary professional schools. Speaker thanked Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva, President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, for causing the joy of children of IDPs in the first day of the new school year - in the Day of Knowledge, said people of Jabrayil wish to see her in the settlements in Bilasuvar.

Other speakers expressed gratitude to the direction of the Foundation and invited Mrs Aliyeva to visit them.

Executive director of Heydar Aliyev Foundation Anar Elekberov congratulated the pupils on the Day of Knowledge, talked of assistance of the Foundation to development of education, public health and other fields, programs and projects implemented. Giving detailed information of the portal `Azerbaijan`, one of the very important projects of the Foundation, he said the project`s goal is to create in the world full, true and comprehensive information about our country, deliver to the world community the truths about Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan, historical roots of invasive war, Armenian terrorism and genocide policy Armenians implement against Azerbaijanis. Besides, the Foundation has published a valuable book on the history of Garabagh, prepared manuals in English about Daghlig Garabagh conflict, Khojaly genocide and etcetera.

Gifts of the Foundation and Dovletgachginkom were presented to the first-formers and the release about Heydar Aliyev Foundation to the library of the school.

Meeting held in the settlement 3 with the team of Boyuk Merjanly village secondary school named after Ismayil Guliyev was interesting as well. Performance of the amateur group of the school was welcomed.

Guests visited also the kindergarten, rest park and divisional hospital 1 in the settlement.